Jun 302011

Credit at Kroger

I won’t lie, I love when Kroger sends me coupons in the mail to try and retain my business… sometimes it works, like when there is a FREE Doritos or FREE Gatorade coupon – who could really pass these up?

Yesterday was pretty awesome when I went to peruse the mail, I thought they were classing it up sending me coupons in a windowed envelope.

I was wrong.

It was this lovely letter from Kroger Personal Finance. WHAT?! I did not know that I could count on Kroger SO much as to be my personal finance platform… You have to be kidding, right?

I really like the “Pay No Interest: Enjoy 1.99% introductory APR…” That’s not “No Interest”, is it now? After the introductory period you will pay 21.99% interest on groceries and gas, items that should be in the cash budget already? Oh, but you get bonus rewards for purchasing Kroger brand products and a $25 Kroger coupon after your first card usage. Can you imagine purchasing you PoP-Tarts and Milk on your Kroger card and letting it sit around until you ended up paying $20 for them… No, don’t imgaine it!

I thought you knew me, Kroger? I thought we were tight. We’re just acquaintances, as it appears.

B and I have one credit card each, they have been open since we were in high school and are only used in emergency occasions like a car blow up costing $2,000 [Which was quickly paid off from the good 'ol savings account... who carries $2,000 cash?!] We both work hard for our money, we budget and we tell our money where to go - we are both in communication about our financial goals and we are [somewhat] responsible spenders, you gotta live a little!

 So, no, Kroger, I will not be jumping on your incredible deal by 8/31/2011, and no, I will not start shopping more at your store either. Has anybody else realized how inexpensive Randall’s has become since the whole downfall realignment of Kroger? Is it just me?

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    Your are so funny when you are pi$%ed !

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