Jun 022011

WooHoo, I finally found the time to make my family a home made meal! We have been so busy with Memorial Day weekend and C completing the 6th grade, we have hardly been at home much longer than sleepy time.

This past weekend we had the most amazing smoked pork butt and corn on the cob, thanks to my cousins, Heather and Dennis. Another thanks to them for being on the Forks Over Knives persuasion and handing over all the leftover yummy goodness!

Pork In My Pocket

I’m going to call this creation “Pork in my Pocket” because it just seems right.

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Jun 022011

June 2 Grocery Trip

I finally had a chance to make my grocery and pharmacy rounds today, there are quite a few deal to be had. I stopped at CVS, Target, PetSmart, Randall’s and Walgreens [in that order] and spent only $54 bucaroos. 

We had a blast this weekend at the beach, but we got a little toasty, I chaperoned C’s field trip to the Zoo on Tuesday and we went out again to the P-land for our last Wednesday OOh-Rah before summer starts. My baby girl is now a 7th grader, time flies, she is amazing. But, now is the time I need to check my stock to make sure I am well ready for a 7th grader, and friends, to mooch off all of the fun and delicious wares of the H-pantry.

Read on for the loot:

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