Jun 102011

Randall's Run June 10

I woke up bright and early this morning! I was too excited to sleep – my girl is coming home today! ::happy dance:: ::happy dance:: ::happy dance::

I focused my energy this morning on a work out session and run [I really drove] to Randall’s for $5 Tide [Today ONLY, it's one of their Friday $5 specials]. Well, as it happens, the Tide is part of the Buy 8, get $0.50 off, so they were ACTUALLY $4.50 for a 50 oz. container.  I called up my mom/brother last night to hand over their $5.00/1 Tide coupon so they can try it out in their new washing machine.

*2 Fuze @ $0.79 = $1.58

*Mott’s Medley @ $1.99

*Capri Sun @ $1.49

4 LaLa Smoothies @ $0.89 – $1.00/3 – B1G1[took off $0.99] = $1.57 or $0.39 each

*3 Tide 50oz @ $4.50 = $13.50 – $5.00/1 – [2]$0.35/1 – $0.75 eCoupon = $6.45 or $2.15 each

*Crystal Light Pure @ $1.99 – $1.00/1 = $0.99

4 Nestle Crunch @ $1.19 – B2G2 Store Sale - [2]$0.35/1 – B1G1 = $0.14 or $0.035 each

Easy Off @ $4.99 – $0.50/1 = $3.99

Total Spent $19.41

Total Saved $25.63 or 58%

* Denotes a Buy 8 or more, Get $0.50 off item.

I cannot believe I spent only $19 and got three things of Tide plus other necessities; people just need Crunch bars [especially when their candy drawer is already over-filled] and juice and Easy-Off for cheater paint stripping ;)!

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Jun 102011

Oh! My girl is coming home today – I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself. We have a lot planned for the summer: two vacations, water parks, ice cream trips and much more! Tomorrow night, to celebrate, we are taking the good ol’ B1G1 Caramel Chicken coupon to the Pei Wei and setting up a feast. Well… I will be taking my happy booty to Pei Wei to pick it up for when B + C get home.

I am so into The Voice on NBC, this past week Christina and Blake’s teams went up against eachother and I really think that Lil’ Bit [Raquel] and Dia stole the show. So, I wanted to share these two performances with you – you can VOTE on keeping them if you desire through the NBC website and You Tube!

Raquel [Team Christina]

Dia [Team Blake]

I am really rooting for Blake’s team, I love hearing Dia and Xenia sing, they have such unique voices and so soothing!

Xenia sang Jessi J’s song “Price Tag”, I was like, “Hey! I’ve heard that song! I really like it…. I wonder where I heard it…” Then I remembered the crazy looking high-waisted gangster lady singing with BoB on SNL:

TGIF and Enjoy your weekend friends!

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Jun 092011

25% off Hollister Co

Summer is finally here, time for bare shoulders and flip flops in the hot Texas sun!

Now through June 14, Hollister Co. is saving you an additional 25% off your in-store and online purchases.

[Promotional code 30172] 

Right now they are also marking clearance up to 50% off, that’s a total discount of up to 62.5% on many items… If not more! If we have money in the budget for new clothes right now [we're going on a beach vacation in a week, who needs clothes!?] I would totally run down to scoop up these two gems for only $37.91 [or 45% off]


Happy Shopping!

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Jun 082011

I got to make my grocery and pharmacy rounds this morning [on a Wednesday!?], after seeing the Dr. for my sore throat.

Shopping on a Wednesday is strange for me because first, I have a grown up job to tend to and second, we have dinner with C on Wednesday nights during the school year. I take B to work on Wednesday mornings and head back home to get to work [this lucky duck gets to work en mi casa!]. But, the summer is upon us and we don’t have our Wednesday dinner tonight, but, we do get to pick up our home skillet on Friday!

This time last year I had the WORST case of Strep EVER. It was the first time I had ever had it, so it took me under. Today is my third day of hopping up on Vitamin C because my throat feels like it’s caving in… just like last year. Apparently, there is a virus going around that’s causing it - I think my pretty little niece brought it over on Sunday, isn’t she just so cute:

Muffin + Dakota

I stopped at CVS, Target, Walgreen’s, Randall’s and HEB and spent only $91 bucaroos. 

Wednesday, June 8

Read on for the loot:

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Jun 072011

H Wedding

Happy 3rd Anniversary

To my amazing Husband,

I love you more today than I did when I married you. You are a wonderful Husband and Father and a tremendous leader to our family. I am so grateful God gave me the strength to take you on, you are my life’s biggest journey and I enjoy every minute we are together.

To my sweet Daughter,

I never knew I could love somebody, so much, who was not my own creation. God has given me you to bring up in Him and I am grateful for His challenge; you are so precious to me and I love you more that you can imagine. I pray to help you soar high and be amazing in His [and our] eyes.

Please pray for my dear family. We are in our third year, with many more to come. As we enter a world that is broken, please become parallel in our prayers that we will stay on the straight and narrow, in God’s word and on God’s path.

Happy Anniversary!!!! I love my Peeps!

Mom + Dad

PS~Today is ALSO my parents 33 year anniversary! How special is it that B and I married 30 years after my parents? Happy 06.07.80 Mom and Dad! I Love Y’all!

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Jun 062011

It's 104... In May!

I think my bra straps got sizzled into my skin, the picture above will explain everything.

Needless to say, I drank the rest of the sweet tea.

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Jun 062011

The Millennials - eBook

Christian Book Distributors is offering more FREE eBooks through their website:

Stash as many titles to your cart as you desire and checkout [you will need to sign in or create an account]; your selections will be available in ”My Account” under eBooks until you decide to delete them.

Happy Reading!

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Jun 032011

We seem to have exceeded our candy drawer capacity and are slowly moving larger items to the cabinet below…

Overflowing Candy Drawer

Oh, what a world! What a world! TGIF!

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