Jun 102011

Oh! My girl is coming home today – I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself. We have a lot planned for the summer: two vacations, water parks, ice cream trips and much more! Tomorrow night, to celebrate, we are taking the good ol’ B1G1 Caramel Chicken coupon to the Pei Wei and setting up a feast. Well… I will be taking my happy booty to Pei Wei to pick it up for when B + C get home.

I am so into The Voice on NBC, this past week Christina and Blake’s teams went up against eachother and I really think that Lil’ Bit [Raquel] and Dia stole the show. So, I wanted to share these two performances with you – you can VOTE on keeping them if you desire through the NBC website and You Tube!

Raquel [Team Christina]

Dia [Team Blake]

I am really rooting for Blake’s team, I love hearing Dia and Xenia sing, they have such unique voices and so soothing!

Xenia sang Jessi J’s song “Price Tag”, I was like, “Hey! I’ve heard that song! I really like it…. I wonder where I heard it…” Then I remembered the crazy looking high-waisted gangster lady singing with BoB on SNL:

TGIF and Enjoy your weekend friends!

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