Jun 112011

Game Table

I am SO bummed because I was SO excited about this piece.

It is a game table that goes between you and your table mate when playing cards/domino’s. I acquired it from my late aunt-in-laws estate and I had grand plans of refinishing it and passing it on.

It started out terribly ugly yellow varnish and chipping wood. I patched up a broken corner with Gorilla Glue, easy peasy, good start. I assumed the first layer was veneer…

Game Table 1st layer

Game Table, 2nd Layer

so I scratched the whole layer off in one night, Sweet!

Next, I sprayed Easy Off on the remaining chipped paint on the table top and legs. How do you get ooie gooie Easy Off off? With a water hose set on jet spray, of course! The wood was so clean and shiny, I can’t believe how masterfully my plan worked, now just to dry over night. Yay!

Easy Off Legs

I ran out this morning [after my morning run and mowing] to see my pretty table ready to be primed and painted. Insert Wah Wah Wah sound bite. It was just terrifying what I saw; three more layers of curled veneer all the way through the entire table, I had 1 huge curled up mess. It was so sad and I felt extremely heartbroken because of the plans we had made together.

Game Table, Trash?

So here it is… in the big green bin. I do not have the know how to fix the mess I made. Do you? I guess it would take a jig saw and some sort of curved measurement thingy. I fell the urge to pluck it out of the garbage can before Tuesday, it seems like there is still life left, it is just the top that needs a new crew. Ho Hum.

Game Table, Legs

Luckily the legs fared better, I will be keeping them for another project, eventually.

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  6 Responses to “Epic Fail – Game Table”


    You could just trace the shape, somewhat, and get a good piece of wood. Then just reuse the trim pieces or start over with decorative trim. Its not too exspensive at Lowes or home depot. It looks like a fantastic piece in the making! Think of it as an upgrade!


    Bummer that you’ve had a tough time with it, but GO GET IT OUT OF THE TRASH!! Seriously, I hate to throw anything away (no I’m not a hoarder). Cassie definately has a great idea. Maybe you just need some time to let it stir around in your mind. You’ll come up with something! :) Btw, from Remodelaholic link party.


    Found you at the Remodelaholic link party. It’s such a bummer when you’re all excited about a project and it goes awry. I know you’re going to get lots more encouragement to stick with this project. I’m sure you’re discouraged now, so have some time away and come back to it later on. Good luck!


      Thanks for the kind words Hollie! I am willing to give it another go after we return from vacation… maybe I will find a nice piece of washed up wood or sea shell inspiration? One can only hope!

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