Jun 302011

Credit at Kroger

I won’t lie, I love when Kroger sends me coupons in the mail to try and retain my business… sometimes it works, like when there is a FREE Doritos or FREE Gatorade coupon – who could really pass these up?

Yesterday was pretty awesome when I went to peruse the mail, I thought they were classing it up sending me coupons in a windowed envelope.

I was wrong.

It was this lovely letter from Kroger Personal Finance. WHAT?! I did not know that I could count on Kroger SO much as to be my personal finance platform… You have to be kidding, right?

I really like the “Pay No Interest: Enjoy 1.99% introductory APR…” That’s not “No Interest”, is it now? After the introductory period you will pay 21.99% interest on groceries and gas, items that should be in the cash budget already? Oh, but you get bonus rewards for purchasing Kroger brand products and a $25 Kroger coupon after your first card usage. Can you imagine purchasing you PoP-Tarts and Milk on your Kroger card and letting it sit around until you ended up paying $20 for them… No, don’t imgaine it!

I thought you knew me, Kroger? I thought we were tight. We’re just acquaintances, as it appears.

B and I have one credit card each, they have been open since we were in high school and are only used in emergency occasions like a car blow up costing $2,000 [Which was quickly paid off from the good 'ol savings account... who carries $2,000 cash?!] We both work hard for our money, we budget and we tell our money where to go - we are both in communication about our financial goals and we are [somewhat] responsible spenders, you gotta live a little!

 So, no, Kroger, I will not be jumping on your incredible deal by 8/31/2011, and no, I will not start shopping more at your store either. Has anybody else realized how inexpensive Randall’s has become since the whole downfall realignment of Kroger? Is it just me?

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Jun 282011

We had an amazing time on our vacation last week to the beach. It took a long 12 hours to get to our destination, two trucks full of stuff and 7 people: my parents, my baby brother + home skillet and yours truly, H family.

I thought it might be nice to share some pictures with you all, since I pretty much left you hanging last week. Rude.


My man and Me, lookin’ good… catching rays…

Sea Screamer - The Family

We went on a Dolphin Watch and Snorkel trip on the Sea Screamer; we learned how to use fins and breathe though the little snorkels [it's really challenging the first time], caught sand dollars, watched crabs and flizards [it's a made up word for a fish that looks like a lizard] and sea urchins float with the tide. Unfortunately, a “storm” was brewing and the gulf side of the bay was really choppy, we would have been able to swim with the dolphins after they surfed behind the Sea Screamer.

Hello Dolphin

Can’t you just hear this little guy, “Come on! Let’s swim!” We also saw a Mama and baby dolphin surfing the boats waves. They were so precious.

Dad and Me

Here is my Dad and Me on the boat, he’s a super trooper.

Wave Surfing

B and C enjoying the fast and crazy ride back to the marina. Where am I?


Holding on, HAHA.

Just Kidding! It wasn’t bad at all, this picture is after I had sprayed my feet for the 10th time with sun block… ever had burnt feet? It’s the worst!

Peek A Boo


We liked snorkeling so much, we went the next day to the state park and rented gear. We caught a few little shells, watched schools of fish swimming in the rocks, inspected snails and other shelled creatures… saw more flizards. B made a friend with a short, fat fish who swam under his chin and neck area when he was under and around his waist when he was standing. It was like seeing a whale with the little fish all around, super cute!

B in a Chair

This is what most of our days looked like, nice and lazy with a side of reading and soaking up the sun.

Wonder Works

We took a break from the sun one day and headed to Wonder Works. HOW COOL IS THIS BUILDING!? It looks like it is floating in the clouds the way I took the picture and everything inside is upside down too. If you see it from the front, it clearly fell from the sky… SO cool!


B showing Craig Biggio how it’s done, even on vacation we cannot get away from sport.

Bed of Nails

C on a bed of nails, not as comfortable at the good ‘ol posturepedic.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and miss the cool beach breeze already, but it sure is nice to sleep in your own bed and take a shower in your own shower. You know what I mean?

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Jun 282011

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Happy Reading!

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Jun 212011

More Than Ordinary: Enjoying Life With God

Christian Book Distributors is offering more FREE eBooks through their website:

  • Craving God: A 21 Day Devotional Challenge [Made to accompany Lysa TerKeurst's Made to Crave]
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Jun 212011

The H family is on vacation at the beach in Florida this week and we are enjoying ourselves immensely. Chilling at the beach, eating fresh crab and oysters, swimming with sea mammals, reading a backlog of interesting books and the list goes on… everything but working and summer reading [in C's case].

Coach 30% off ONLINE!

Coach Factory just emailed me an epic sale that will be hitting online tomorrow. They are taking an additional 30% off their online jewels at 1pm tomorrow… which is on top of their already reduced prices [just like they do in store!] What a great deal, I will post what I can, but if you want to get in at 1pm, like I will, sign up for emails here and enjoy the fun with me.

Happy Vacation Friends!

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Jun 162011

Additional 40% off Redlines at Hollister [In Stores]

Wowsers, I wish we had time to stop by the mall before we head out tomorrow for the good ‘ol va-cay!

Now through June 29, you will score an additional 40% off all redlines in Hollister Co. stores or an additional 25% off all redlines online.

No promo code is needed, the reductions will automatically take off at the registers [if you are shopping in store] or they are already marked 25% less online.

Happy Shopping!

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Jun 152011

This week we are preparing for our vacation to Florida, so there is not much we need to get out there and shop since most of our next week shopping will be done when we arrive at our destination.

We are subsidizing some of the groceries and preparing a meal one night, to lower the “dining out” cost, that need a few items not already in the cabinet so I hit up HEB, Walgreen’s and CVS this week and spent $49.70.


CVSCVS June 14

Schick Hydro Razor @ $8.00 – $4.00/1 = $4.00 [earn $4.00 ECB]

Earn $1.00 ECB after 4 shopping strips using Green Bag Tag

Total $4.33

Total Spent $0 [Used $4.00 ECB from previous trip]

Total Saved $9.99 or 100% + $5 ECB for future use  

WalgreensWalgreens June14

2 Schick Shave Cream @ $3.99 = $7.98 -[2]$1.00/1 – [2]$2.00/1 In Ad = $1.98 or $0.99 each

Magnum Ice Cream [Special Request from C] $5.49

2 Nestle candy bars @ $0.39 = $0.78

Total $7.30

Total Spent $1.75 [Used $5.00 ECB from previous trip]

Total Saved $13.70 or 89%

 HEBHEB June 14

Bananas $1.08

2 Blackberries @ $1.98 = $3.96

Strawberries $1.97

Apple $.80

Carrots $1.99

Goldfish @ $6.98

HEB Honey Wheat Bread @ $1.93

3 Thai Rice @ 2.19 = $6.57

Hot Dog Sauce $0.69

2 Pop Tarts @ $2.50 = $5.00 – $1.00/2 HEB = $4.00 or $2.00 each

2 McCormick Taco Season @ $0.65 = $1.30 – B1G1 HEB = $0.65 or $0.33 each

2 McCormick Chili Season @ $1.00 = $2.00 – B1G1 HEB = $1.00 or $0.50 each

2 Kraft shredded cheese @ $2.38 = $4.76 – $1.35/2 = $3.41 or $1.70 each

2 HCF Colby Cheese blocks @ $1.98 = $3.96

5 Wonka Laffy Taffy @ $0.20 = $1.00

2 Energizer batteries [not pictured] @ $3.64 = $7.28 IDK why I did not use my coupon! ARG.

Total Spent $47.95

Total Saved $6.07 or 11%

June 14 Grocery/Pharmect Trips

To wrap it up, my totals for today’s trips were:

Total Spent: $49.70

Total Saved: $29.76 or 37%

Total Earned for future use: $5.00

Share how well your shopping trips went this week by leaving a comment or linking up!

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Jun 142011

Christian Book Distributors is offering more FREE eBooks through their website:

Stash as many titles to your cart as you desire and checkout [you will need to sign in or create an account]; your selections will be available in ”My Account” under eBooks until you decide to delete them.

Happy Reading!

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