May 212011

SQUARE card readerWelcome to another conversation I had with B on Friday morning:

Me: I’m going to start sanding the new furniture so I can paint and sell those bad boys.

B: Sweet! I wonder if there’s something you can take with out to accept credit at your next show, like a swipe machine or something.

Me: THERE IS! It’s a little square that you stick into your smart phone and it charges the credit card from my customer. I have one already, but I can’t use it… because we don’t have smart phones yet…

B: Wow, that sucks. Way to put the cart before the horse.

Me: I know! That’s what I have been telling everybody too…

We laughed at it. Hopefully you will too!

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    Love how you wheedled that tidbit into the conversation ! That’s my girl <3

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