May 202011

Pork Sale - Randall's

I ran in to Randall’s today for very few items I found as a great deal in the current ad.

First, there is $0.99/lb bone-in pork chops. I purchased the above package for a mere $5! WHAT! I saved $14! What What!

Then, there is the $2.99/lb hickory smoked bacon [sold in 3lb packages, so $8.97 each], a definite deal for good quality bacon, just look at how much meat is on this cut!

Finally, select Ball Park Franks are B1G1. I bought 2 bun size @ $3.99 B1G1.

Ball Park B1G1

Paying $2 for a pack of franks is a lot in my book, but there is a reason I went ahead with the deal. I blew a breaker in the garage trying out an old school heat gun, but I didn’t realize the breaker was blown until about a week later. Our deep freezer is in the garage… so, yea, every piece of meat and waffle were thrown out and we are starting from scratch.

Do you like chili dogs? HEB has Wolf brand chili for $1 this week, too. I just love Wolf brand chili! Did you hear me Wolf?! I LOVE YOUR CHILI – I could totally be your taste test guinea pig, just sayin’.

FYI – Prices are good through May 24, except the bacon, it is through May 23.

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