May 162011

On Sunday, I participated in AlternaCraft with my Remy tiles, UPcycled necklaces and accessories and I had SO much fun! My neighbors, Diana from Poisonous Legwear and Amanda from Amanda’s Naturals, were amazing and very generous with information on their success. Thanks ladies!

My set up was pretty sweet, a lot of people stopped just to give compliment and ask about my display piece, I think I might start calling her “Miss Dale”. My tiles showed well, especially the America and Dot tiles – my two favorite! Maybe I just pimped them out more? Who knows… but, they are gone now! The UPcycled necklaces and flowers were a hit; many vendors there were selling vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry, but none like my cotton jewels, so I was in a unique niche.

AlternaCraft Display

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May 132011

25% off Hollister Co.

It is almost summer! Almost time for bare shoulders and flip flops in the hot Texas sun.

This weekend, head on over to Hollister Co. to receive and additional 25% off your online purchase.

[Promotional code 35380] 

This offer is valid online only and on regular and clearance priced merchandise from Friday, May 13 to Sunday, May 15.

TGIF Friends!

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May 122011

Every year [that we have lived in our house, at least] we have participated in the National Association of Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger food drive benefiting Feeding America. The Feeding America charity is best known for it’s diligence in providing food for those who are food insecure [at or below poverty levels]. 

Did you know that one in six Americans go hungry every day, sometimes days or a week even? 

Did you know that there are over 14 million children served by Feeding America [read: there are over 14 million hungry children in America]? 

Did you know that Texas is one of the top 5 states with the highest population of food insecure families?

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May 112011

AMF Funner Summer

Head over to AMF Funner Summer to register for your weekly [summer] discount coupon. The registration form asks for your name, email address, state and zip code, then you will be able chose your local AMF where you will use the coupon(s).

Every Sunday [beginning May 29] you will receive an email from AMF with a coupon, valid Monday through Friday, for shoes + two hours of bowling for only $8.99 per person.

Before heading out for your bowling trip, check the AMF website or call ahead for lane availability – some days they are packed with day-care centers or morning practices and other days they are completely empty.

Happy ALMOST summer friends!

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May 102011

Christian Book Distributors is offering more FREE eBooks through their website:

Stash as many titles to your cart as you desire and checkout [you will need to sign in or create an account]; your selections will be available in ”My Account” under eBooks until you decide to delete them.

Happy Reading!

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May 082011

Blooming Dwarf Myrtle


My most beloved bush – my Dwarf Myrtle. When it is in bloom [right now] it has the most delicate, fresh and happy scent.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the delicate, fresh and happy mothers of children, plants and animals.

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May 082011

Dear Mitchum/Revlon,

First, let me tell you thanks for the $1 off any Mitchum product, that was very generous of you. I buy these when they are on sale and donate them; you are a secret philanthropist… I guess you would prefer Mitchum philanthropist since secret is a direct competitor, either way, you rock.

Second, I cannot believe that, for 28 years, I have been misled by the notion that there are only 24 hours in a day! What a relief to finally know that there are actually 48 hours, you are life savers!

Have a wonderful weekend and keep up the good work in the due diligence department!

Love, Alyssa aka. Frugal Stepmom

Mitchum APDO ad 5/8/11

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May 062011

 welcome to sweetgum way bunting frame

Next weekend is coming so quickly and I am so excited to display my wares to the [non-cyber] public for the first time!

Bringing back its unique blend of indy crafts and creative show environment, AlternaCraft returns to Houston on Sunday, May 15, 12 to 6 PM at Boheme Café and Wine Bar. This event will feature a curated slate of local artisans and craftisians and a wide variety of handmade goods including: Housewares, Gifts, Handmade Jewelry, Remember Tiles, Artisan Stationary, Cotton Necklaces, Custom Vinyl Critters, Mini Monsters, Baby Wares, Original Photography, Handmade Soap, Re-Purposed Unique Garments, and much much more. AlternaCraft is free and open to the public.

Located in the quaint and lively Montrose area, Boheme’s refurbished historical building and 6,000 sf of garden is a perfect location for this creative outdoor market. Enjoy a $5 champagne tasting or indulge in a signature sangria or mojito at the Patio Bar. Coffee and snacks also available.

Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar
307 Fairview @ Taft St
Houtson, TX 77006

Parking available behind Boheme at Hyde Park.

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May 062011

rotary phone

B and I do not want to create another bill until our #1 is gone bye-bye in 3 months.

But, I went online to look at all of the pretty designs and colors and now I want one really badly – it’s a strong case of The Joneses, for sure! Not only are the phones pretty, our carrier is having a GREAT sale since we are not under contract anymore. I can’t even decide which one I want, they are all so complex and flashy - I do know that I am surely not paying for text messaging anymore since there are apps that allow you to send texts for free.

I have my first show in two weeks and I tried that angle with him, I NEED one to complete my transactions. What if somebody wants to pay me with plastic? I can’t do anything about it if I don’t have a smarty pants phone, do you want me to lose a sale because we are so old school… He’s not budging. He’s a good husband.

B: “We aren’t even going to go into the store until #1 is complete. Unless my phone dies or is killed before then, forget it.”

Me: “Let me see your phone!”

TGIF Friends!

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