May 062011

rotary phone

B and I do not want to create another bill until our #1 is gone bye-bye in 3 months.

But, I went online to look at all of the pretty designs and colors and now I want one really badly – it’s a strong case of The Joneses, for sure! Not only are the phones pretty, our carrier is having a GREAT sale since we are not under contract anymore. I can’t even decide which one I want, they are all so complex and flashy - I do know that I am surely not paying for text messaging anymore since there are apps that allow you to send texts for free.

I have my first show in two weeks and I tried that angle with him, I NEED one to complete my transactions. What if somebody wants to pay me with plastic? I can’t do anything about it if I don’t have a smarty pants phone, do you want me to lose a sale because we are so old school… He’s not budging. He’s a good husband.

B: “We aren’t even going to go into the store until #1 is complete. Unless my phone dies or is killed before then, forget it.”

Me: “Let me see your phone!”

TGIF Friends!

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    lol…i love you, babe!
    – B


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