May 272011

We were at a baseball tournament a few weekends back in La Porte when I noticed one of the little brother’s was not hanging around, building a fort out of dirt or making a tee-pee out of tree branches. I asked his mother about him, because I don’t have a kid on the team and I enjoy watching his ingenuity.  He was with his Grammy, not because he didn’t want to be there for his big brother or because he friends were not there, but simply for the fact that Grammy is a sucker for her sweet baby boy and will not tell him, “No”. That is when I remembered Anita Renfroe’s “Momisms”.

First, as a step-mother to the sweetest, most delightful pre-teen [she turned 12 just yesterday ::tear::] of all ages, this video comes in handy when the going gets tough and the tough take cover.

Then, you [and I] grow up and our children have their own kids, and the tough come out of hiding just for the sheer enjoyment of giving these sweet and innocent grand-babies whatever they want, and kicking the Momism’s to the curb.

TGIF Friends!

And PS – I wont be out of hiding for another good 30 years, so let me know how the whole Grandma thing works out for you!

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