May 162011

On Sunday, I participated in AlternaCraft with my Remy tiles, UPcycled necklaces and accessories and I had SO much fun! My neighbors, Diana from Poisonous Legwear and Amanda from Amanda’s Naturals, were amazing and very generous with information on their success. Thanks ladies!

My set up was pretty sweet, a lot of people stopped just to give compliment and ask about my display piece, I think I might start calling her “Miss Dale”. My tiles showed well, especially the America and Dot tiles – my two favorite! Maybe I just pimped them out more? Who knows… but, they are gone now! The UPcycled necklaces and flowers were a hit; many vendors there were selling vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry, but none like my cotton jewels, so I was in a unique niche.

AlternaCraft Display

The show was at Boheme Cafe and Wine Barin Houston, these folks were so generous with their space and were very eager to help us vendors conquer the sun’s deathly rays. I did not get a chance to participate in the $5 champagne tasting, but I did have the most AMAZING frozen mojito known to man. Ahh, it was so cool and refreshing and the ice crystals mixed with the warm May sun, the feeling cannot be beat and I will totally be back for that delicious beverage again! It is highly recommended in my books – even above Under the Volcano’s mojitos and I love their mojitos.

I finally met my cousin, Heather, and her husband, Dennis, for the first time… EVER. She is so beautiful and super fun to be with… so we invited  her and her dear husband to Sunday spaghetti dinner after the show. We had a blast and my Dad was giddy when he realized who she was – we truly enjoyed their company and have much more planned for the future with our new family members!

Alyssa + Heather

Here is a picture of us discussing a new marketing strategy geared towards men who wear tie die tights with no undergarments [no really, it totally happened] ::vom:: She suggested turning my cute Remy tiles into “drying” tiles for certain plant appendages. Don’t get us wrong, we are both dancers and we do know how to appreciate well trained men in tights - composure is key. 

Alyssa + Heather

Finally, a big thanks to Yeti SunshineMatt Adams and Jeremy Grubb for helping us load and unload the buffet, your good deeds do not go unnoticed!


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