May 062011

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Next weekend is coming so quickly and I am so excited to display my wares to the [non-cyber] public for the first time!

Bringing back its unique blend of indy crafts and creative show environment, AlternaCraft returns to Houston on Sunday, May 15, 12 to 6 PM at Boheme Café and Wine Bar. This event will feature a curated slate of local artisans and craftisians and a wide variety of handmade goods including: Housewares, Gifts, Handmade Jewelry, Remember Tiles, Artisan Stationary, Cotton Necklaces, Custom Vinyl Critters, Mini Monsters, Baby Wares, Original Photography, Handmade Soap, Re-Purposed Unique Garments, and much much more. AlternaCraft is free and open to the public.

Located in the quaint and lively Montrose area, Boheme’s refurbished historical building and 6,000 sf of garden is a perfect location for this creative outdoor market. Enjoy a $5 champagne tasting or indulge in a signature sangria or mojito at the Patio Bar. Coffee and snacks also available.

Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar
307 Fairview @ Taft St
Houtson, TX 77006

Parking available behind Boheme at Hyde Park.

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    Good luck on your show! I did my first show last month, and it was a lot of fun…and a lot of WORK! Thanks for visiting Red Hen Home.

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