Apr 132011

It is with deep regret and profound sadness that I inform you of the passing of Kroger Double/Triple coupons in Houston and surrounding areas. Double/Triple Coupons were a cherished friend, and will be sorely missed.

The bottom line is that Kroger is trying to find a new business strategy with the introduction of e-coupons, gas and prescription rewards and other “valued customer” incentives… Yea, that’s what they say.

If you are distraught over this loss, head on over to the Kroger Couponers Facebook page and voice your opinion, find the address to mail a concerned/complaint letter or receive the phone number to call the corporate headquarters and say, “Hey! What’s up with that?! I thought you loved me?”

It looks like Randall’s will be the only grocery store [in my neck of the woods] to offer double/triple coupons; however, they already limit to only one double/triple per coupon item [ex. Three $0.35 coupons with the same bar code for Pillsbury Toaster Strudel will only triple to $1.05 once, the other two remain $0.35 face value].

It’s a sad day in Frugal Kingdom, but we will hold strong and be victorious! We don’t let the grocery store hold us down!

You can go here to read all of the details from Kroger.

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