Apr 172011

Remember this beautiful piece of art we received for Christmas last year? We are finally getting around to hanging it in it’s final destination.

After we had the piece stretched, and $90 later, we were stumped on what to do about a frame. Custom frames are not cheap, would be extremely heavy and I really do not like the idea of sending out this bad boy for two-three weeks; what if it gets messed up or lost!?

B came up with an idea to make our own frame out of wood and paint it, cheaper and quick… and if it got messed up it would only be our faultadd character. This piece needs something better than snooze fest wood, so I proposed nailing the frame to the wall and hanging fabric behind to add dimension. Eh, OK, it was an idea. We went to Lowe’s last weekend and low and behold, styrofoam polystyrene Architectural Ornament mouldings in a style that match our other frames, it was like having Angel’s from Heaven come down and sing, “Here you are our loves, this is what you want.” So, we came home and B worked out the measurements and we came up with the placement on the wall; it was tough cookies though, he likes the frame centered on the wall but I do not care for looking up at art [one of my pet peeves].

What a sad wall, don’t you think?


 The frame measures 48 x 70; so, for snips and giggles, let’s do some funny math, shall we?

48(2)+70(2)= 236 inches

Fanciful frames start at ~$1.06/inch * 236 = $250.16 plus all of the other service fees that go along with creating a custom frame of this size. CRAZY TALK!

How did we do it? We bought 4 pieces of the styrofoam polystyrene mouldings (we only needed 3, but some where along the way a corner got cut a little to short) at $18/each = $72! We used the staple gun to attach the mouldings to the wall; it was so funny because we first shot it with the brad nailer and it went straight through the moulding and really deep into the sheet rock. We painted the mouldings gloss white to match all of the other trim and the grey is left over from our mantle. I added a 1″ satin ribbon ($2.00) around the edge of the stretched canvas to hide the sides, it is glued to the top of the canvas with Liquid Stitch, easy peasy.

Total Cost for the Entire Piece: $164.00

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    * I like it ! You are so creative <3

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