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This bad girl has been resting ever so peacefully in our garage for the past 3 years… Have we even lived here 3 years yet? Well, it has been here since the day after we got here, at least. I have had really good intentions to clean her up and make her whole again ever since she came to live with us.

dalescraft buffet

There is a brass-like tag on the inside of the right door that says “Dalescraft Fine Furniture”, but I cannot find any history on the company, so it is getting the whole she-bangle work up to match my style: glued, sanded, primed, painted, distressed and waxed. Antiques Roadshow? Not for this gal.

fixing the broken leg

Step One – Fix the broken leg so it does not have to lay on B’s old quilt. [Side note: Have quilt dry cleaned after completion] Have you ever used Gorilla Glue? I have used it on this project, on my Remember Tiles, and my memo frames and I think it is the best invention for home repair since duck tape. It works on everything and a dab will do ya since the glue expands while setting up - it is really pretty amazing stuff and if you have not tried it, here is your recommendation. You’re welcome.


Step Two – Remove all of the drawers and doors for sanding and painting; paper line the drawers to protect from over spray.

 dalescraft buffet in pieces

Step Three through One Hundred Fourty-Two - Paint, paint, paint. Prime with two coats, paint with as many coats as necessary to cover the ugly veneer wood, glaze to make it “old” again and finally, wax on, wax off. Whew! I chose to use Kilz spray primer, it is very effective and coats very well in the first pass [I highly recommend investing in one of those fancy $2 spray paint can attachments, your pointer finger will thank you!] I used Krylon Semi-Gloss White spray for the body and Krylon Gloss Leather Brown for the top of the buffet, this paint seems to have a lot of off-spray, one night my entire body was covered in a white mist of over spray, awesome, I was glowing! After spraying about a million coats of color, I topped of the newly crisp buffet to look old again with Valspar Glaze mixed with Minwax stain – voila, queso, I mean brown glaze.

glazing pictures

After all was painted, glazed and cured, I coated the entire piece in Minwax Paste Finishing Wax (thanks for the suggestion, Lori!) and buffed away to, finally, bring us to this:

Finished DalesCraft Buffet

Isn’t she just wonderful?

DalesCraft Buffet Top Drawer with Necklaces

I re-lined the silverware side of the top drawer with cobalt blue felt; it originally had a green felt liner and it was a beast to get off, but nothing a good can of elbow grease couldn’t tackle. Oh, aren’t those necklaces pretty? Read on to find out more about them!

DalesCraft Buffet Open Door

I decided to line the four interior shelves in Waverly Courtyard cream/navy fabric; I love the color and the design works perfect with the romantic cast iron drawer pulls. Also, I edged the top two shelves with a 5/8″ decorative straight mold to hide the fabric edges and to give a more polished look.

DalesCraft Buffet Handle Close Up

DalesCraft Buffet Drawer Close Up

Here is a close up shot of the cast iron drawer pulls and the wooden details on the drawers and doors. The knobs were found at Hobby Lobby for just $3.99 and $4.99

I did not set a budget before begining this project, but, here is the cost breakdown -

Hand Me Down Buffet $0

Paint $99.70

Fabric $6.99

Knobs $12.97

Supplies $15.93

Total Cost $135.59!


Now, since this big project is finished and I have teased B about finally bringing it into the house so he can park our sportscar in the garage again, I think I’m going to leave in the garage for a while longer… Why, you ask? Well, because I just registered for my first show with sweetgum way and I think this will be a perfect piece for displaying all my wares. Don’t you think?

DalesCraft Buffet AlternaCraft Set Up

AlternaCraft Advertisement

By the way, the show is in Houston at Boheme Café and Wine Bar on May 15, 2011 from 12-6pm. Sweetgum Way will be selling Remember Tiles, Framed Memo Boards, UPcycled Cotton Necklaces and other various goods that might pop into my head between now and then.

36th Avenue

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  19 Responses to “Frugal Remodel: DalesCraft Buffet”


    I want it back ! This is your notice of repo !!! hahahahahaha

    It looks great as a display piece too.

    Good work, Alyssa !


    This piece is awesome!! I must find one for myself. You did a fantastic job.


    That old buffet came on a boat from England. DalesCraft probably never expected to have this piece look so good, although they did provide lovely scrollwork. You could do a column on remodels like this. I’ll go to the auctions for the raw materials — you do the work! You made it a really beautiful piece of furniture.

    Love, Manga


    You did an amazing job! And I think it makes the perfect place to display your wares! My dh can’t park in the garage from March to November…I relent when it starts to snow!


      Thanks! I am really excited to display it at my first show. Maybe somebody will want to buy it? Luckily we do not get snow, but HOT days, DH will eventually get the garage back. :)


    looks like it was a ton of work but what a prize in the end..


    whoa, that is amazing! it looks like a huge piece, too. i love this makeover on it, great job!


    WOW, gorgeous!! You’re quite talented!



    WOW, it is gorgeous! You are very talented!



    I gave you an award today please stop by and accept.


    Beautiful piece! Well worth the work invested.


    It looks amazing! What a terrific redo!



    I just want to let you know that I featured you on my site The 36th Avenue. Make sure you stop by to button up and thanks for linking to the party. I hope to see you there again ;)



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