Apr 072011

I parused through Hobby Lobby this week, scouring the shelves for finds that had to come home with me.

I stumbled upon Rustoleum Cobalt Blue and Rustoleum American Accents London Gray spray paint at 75% off, cha-ching! I also found a few great fabric squares to make memo boards for $0.75 and $1.00, cha-ching!

And then I happened upon this:

Fat Napkin Holder

WHY would anybody purchase a napkin holder that says “Fat”? I had to take the picture because I just couldn’t believe it; I had to have proof of the Fat napkin holder. I realize after further investigation that it says “Eat”, but first impressions are the ones that count – and I am NOT buying a Fat napkin holder.

Imagine your friends coming over and seeing it, they would be all, “Hmm, why do you have a napkin holder that says “Fat”? You’re not fat, are you poking fun at us because we are slightly big-boned and like to cook and eat with lots-o butter?” You would have to explain to them that it actually says “Eat”, because you are encouraging healthier living by using a clean paper napkin instead of the sleeve of your shirt or the bottom portion of your jeans… Can you imagine? Embarassing!

Anyways – I heart Hobby Lobby right now because they have a lot of broken and left behind frames for 90% off, I hope to get sweetgum way well stocked before AlternaCraft, May 15 [post/invite to come soon].

Enjoy the rest of your day friends, it is almost Friday!

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