Apr 252011

My L’Oréal® Paris The One Sweep™ Eye Shadow and Double Extend™ Eye Illuminator Mascara BzzKit came in the mail last month. I was so excited, I ripped everything open before even taking a decent picture… so the above picture is an after thought, hah!

My mom did not wear much make-up when I was young, so I never learned technique from her and I thought it was really hard to follow the instructions from Seventeen magazine; and let’s face it, for all who knew me ~15 years ago, I could really care less about make-up anyways. So, I really had no idea how to properly apply make-up until I was 25… my wedding day actually [Thank God my BFF was there to help me out - without her, I would have been walking the carpet with a plain Jane face].

My initial thought? WOOT! Eye shadow that I don’t have to blend myself! But, Boo to mascara with “glitter”… I better not look like a showgirl. Well, I guess B wouldn’t mind, one of my Resolutions was to feel more sexy, right?

The results? I believe I am in love. The eye-shadow wand was pretty intimidating, I have never seen one so big in all my life! However, it works, after about the third swoop I had perfectly mastered three-shade eye shadow on my lids. I went back over to soften the lines with another brush, but the total effect was pretty amazing in my opinion.

The mascara was so silly looking, a long skinny wand with a ball of bristles on the end… and glitter. Oye. Swoop Swoop Swoop, you actually cannot see the glitter, per se, so I have fantastic black sparkle lashes that really popped. B came home and was all, “Wow, your eyes are sparking!” Well, not really; I asked him to look into my eyes, kind of like a trance, but he noticed it at first glance!

Disclaimer: BzzAgent compensated me with a FREE free full size sample of L’Oréal Eye Shadow and Mascara. The proposed opinions are my own.

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