Apr 212011

Aerie Coupon

Now through Sunday, April 24, you can score an additional 20% off plus FREE shipping on your entire purchase at Aerie.com

Coupon code 92447511

I love Aerie (a sister company of American Eagle) for many reasons like cute undergarments, super comfortable shirts and hoodies, really easy returns in-store [even if purchased online (with receipt)] and comparable prices for on-trend items.

Aerie Outfit

This outfit originally cost $74.50, but today I am getting it for only $43.61 with FREE shipping – that is a 41% discount if you don’t want to do the math.

RANT NOT RELATED TO AERIE: I have to say, one of my least favorite parts of shopping online it the cost for shipping/handling. I understand that $10/gallon gas in my area totally justifies paying $5.00 shipping, but still, I’m frugal and my cost-benefit analysis of gas price  to purchase instant gratification is really quite similar… There is one Very Special shop that I just adore, but I cannot understand how they charge $10 to ship something that weighs under 2 ounces and doesn’t have a free shipping policy after some pre-defined ceiling. Thanks for listening reading!

Happy Shopping!

UPDATE: I just received an email from AE which states that the SAME coupon code is good for all online purchases at Aerie, American Eagle and 77Kids, SCORE!

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