Apr 272011

pf changs 20 discount april 28

In rememberance of America’s most beloved boss, Michael Scott of Dunder Mifflin [The Office], P.F. Chang’s China Bistro is offering an additional 20% off all online orders arranged for pick up on Thursday, April 28th.

Log on to P.F. Chang’s online ordering and choose April 28th as your pick up date. After you have completed your order, use the promotion code SCRANTON at checkout to receive the 20% discount.

michael scott dundie award

Spicy Curry Dundie Award, presented directly by Michael Scott, with love, I’m sure.

This promotion is hot and will not last beyond April 28. P.F. Chang’s will not offer the discount in store, so please use the code at check out. The code is not available for use in conjunction with other discounts or for purchases of gift cards and large party take-out orders.

All the best to you, Mr. Scott; you have provided many hours of comic relief and will be deeply missed! Nom Nom, Thanks P.F. Chang’s for this wonderful deal!

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Apr 262011

Christian Book Distributors is offering more FREE eBooks through their website:

Stash as many titles to your cart as you desire and checkout [you will need to sign in or create an account]; your selections will be available in ”My Account” under eBooks until you decide to delete them.

Happy Reading!

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Apr 252011

Do you have one of those family’s that loves to mess with you, in a good way? I do, big time!

Yesterday [Easter] was yet another day of driving for the H family, it seems like that is all we do nowadays. Easter and Christmas consist of the same commuting routine because of their distance from home base; 10am to my parents for brunch then B’s parents for dinner and home by 8pm.

So, yesterday, we headed to my parents at 10am to have fried bacon and AMAZING homemade/handmade cinnamon rolls [a la DJ Grumpy Pants, aka. my baby brother]; I would have caught a shot for you all, but once the icing was down those babies were gone! Johnny and I worked on the blog [updating the widgets and viewing 404's we wish we would have come up with] and B, Mom and Dad watched some of the Astros game and some of the inside of their eye-lids.

We trotted out to my in-laws around 2pm, another 50 miles in the bucket… but, on the way there we realized B’s phone was missing. SO, I called back and left a voice message at my parents to check the couch where the siesta took place and the countertop where the snacks were loaded. No biggie, we’re sure it was left there somewhere… and then I realized I left my camera too, what a big fat bummer.

So, no pictures of my sweet little muffin on her first actual Easter egg hunt. She was pretty cute and loves me [and chocolate] dearly, just saying. We chowed on Easter enchiladas and fajitas which were pretty good since I was SUPER full after the first go-round but went back for seconds [the scale did not lie last night!]; my sweet niece was supposed to rise early to make spring rolls, but they did not make… thank goodness! Oink Oink.

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Apr 252011

My L’Oréal® Paris The One Sweep™ Eye Shadow and Double Extend™ Eye Illuminator Mascara BzzKit came in the mail last month. I was so excited, I ripped everything open before even taking a decent picture… so the above picture is an after thought, hah!

My mom did not wear much make-up when I was young, so I never learned technique from her and I thought it was really hard to follow the instructions from Seventeen magazine; and let’s face it, for all who knew me ~15 years ago, I could really care less about make-up anyways. So, I really had no idea how to properly apply make-up until I was 25… my wedding day actually [Thank God my BFF was there to help me out - without her, I would have been walking the carpet with a plain Jane face].

My initial thought? WOOT! Eye shadow that I don’t have to blend myself! But, Boo to mascara with “glitter”… I better not look like a showgirl. Well, I guess B wouldn’t mind, one of my Resolutions was to feel more sexy, right?

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Apr 222011

This bad girl has been resting ever so peacefully in our garage for the past 3 years… Have we even lived here 3 years yet? Well, it has been here since the day after we got here, at least. I have had really good intentions to clean her up and make her whole again ever since she came to live with us.

dalescraft buffet

There is a brass-like tag on the inside of the right door that says “Dalescraft Fine Furniture”, but I cannot find any history on the company, so it is getting the whole she-bangle work up to match my style: glued, sanded, primed, painted, distressed and waxed. Antiques Roadshow? Not for this gal.

fixing the broken leg

Step One – Fix the broken leg so it does not have to lay on B’s old quilt. [Side note: Have quilt dry cleaned after completion] Have you ever used Gorilla Glue? I have used it on this project, on my Remember Tiles, and my memo frames and I think it is the best invention for home repair since duck tape. It works on everything and a dab will do ya since the glue expands while setting up - it is really pretty amazing stuff and if you have not tried it, here is your recommendation. You’re welcome.

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Apr 212011

sample showcase mail

Have you received your Sample Showcase in the mail [thanks to the USPS]? If not, you still have time to see if you qualify here.

I received mine today and I am really excited for the sample of Secret Clinical Strength and Nonni’s Biscotti, what a combo! Included in the package was:

  • Wisk Laundry Detergent sample
  • Secret Clinical Strength APDO sample
  • 2 Coffee Mate French Vanila Instant Coffee packet samples
  • Noni’s Biscotti Cookie sample
  • GUM SoftPicks sample + coupon
  • Starbucks VIA coupon

What a great bonus, thanks to our friends at the USPS!

Speaking of, our mail lady is out on maternity leave. How do I know this? Our mail has been delivered by 12pm [we are used to 1pm-ish] every day for the past week and the mail truck sounds different from what Dak and I are used to. I hope our original mail girl had a safe and wonderful birthing experience and thanks to our temporary new mail lady for keeping up with the fantastic service!

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Apr 212011

Aerie Coupon

Now through Sunday, April 24, you can score an additional 20% off plus FREE shipping on your entire purchase at Aerie.com

Coupon code 92447511

I love Aerie (a sister company of American Eagle) for many reasons like cute undergarments, super comfortable shirts and hoodies, really easy returns in-store [even if purchased online (with receipt)] and comparable prices for on-trend items.

Aerie Outfit

This outfit originally cost $74.50, but today I am getting it for only $43.61 with FREE shipping – that is a 41% discount if you don’t want to do the math.

RANT NOT RELATED TO AERIE: I have to say, one of my least favorite parts of shopping online it the cost for shipping/handling. I understand that $10/gallon gas in my area totally justifies paying $5.00 shipping, but still, I’m frugal and my cost-benefit analysis of gas price  to purchase instant gratification is really quite similar… There is one Very Special shop that I just adore, but I cannot understand how they charge $10 to ship something that weighs under 2 ounces and doesn’t have a free shipping policy after some pre-defined ceiling. Thanks for listening reading!

Happy Shopping!

UPDATE: I just received an email from AE which states that the SAME coupon code is good for all online purchases at Aerie, American Eagle and 77Kids, SCORE!

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Apr 212011

hollister 40% off coupon

Still needing a cardigan for your Easter dress or spring concert? From now until April 25, Hollister Co. is offering an additional 40% off the entire store [in store and online]. Online shoppers, use coupon code 34223 at checkout.

hollister women outfit

How about this nice little spring fling for just $47?

hollister men outfit

Or this handsome ensemble for only $41?

Be aware that this offer is not valid at the Houston Galleria and other various locations.

Happy Shopping!

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Apr 192011

Christian Book Distributors is offering more FREE eBooks through their website:

Stash as many titles to your cart as you desire and checkout [you will need to sign in or create an account]; your selections will be available in “My Account” under eBooks until you decide to delete them.

Happy Reading!

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