Mar 102011

Were you able to commit to your 2011 philanthropic goals of donating to the Do Something organization?

Didn’t it feel amazing to do something good for somebody else with jeans you[r kids] would never wear again? Yes! Didn’t it feel good to get an extra 25% off jeans, which were already on clearance, because you donated? Double Yes!

This year the organization collected over 500k pairs of jeans, thanks to you. I am so proud of you for taking the time to help them out!

If you weren’t able to donate this year, start stocking up, it is going to roll around again next year and you REALLY want to be ready. Hit up your friends, sisters, brothers and neighbors; now is the time for spring cleaning, maybe watch for items along the road-side if you are feeling extremely frugal.

Happy pilanthroping fellow frugalers. [Not an alliteration, more of a tongue twister]

PS – No one sent me jeans from Minnesota, sort of a bummer, but I will survive… there is always next year!

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