Feb 112011

My 2010 BCS Winnings!

Look what I just got in the mail! I was SHOCKED, and Dak barked her head of, as usual.

It’s an Igloo rolling cooler stuffed with chips and salsa!

Back in October (approximately) Frito Lay:Be Snack Readypost a 2010 TOSTITOS BCS National Championship Game Photos contest in which the top to winners were to claim tickets to the 2010 Tostitos BCS National Championship. So, I entered and then I became a finalist but I did not receive the most votes, bummer but it was still really cool to be a finalist!

Well, I am QUITE happy with these delicious chips and salsa! If I hadn’t already had lunch by the time this present got to me, I probably wouldn’t have made this post, since i <3 chips… big time.

I know, you are dying to see my finalist photo, here goes:

Rock'n the University of Oklahoma Cheerleader gear, HOT!

Thanks Tostitos! Hopefully I will put on a better game face this year and be one of the top two finalists to win the game day tickets. Until then, happy chipping my friends!

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    That is awesome!!! — Your pic and your prize!!!!!!!!!!

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