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Thanks to my education and profession, I am a very Lean mind. However, I have never [really] thought to make the Lean mindset apply to my personal lifestyle until now, thanks to Personal Kanban.

The above is my current personal kanban, it is definately high level and needs many more items added, because let’s face it, we all know the “write personal kanban post”,”clean the tub”, “clean the sink”, “clean the everything” memos are missing… obviously.

So, “What is a kanban?” you ask. It is a visual symbol that you need to do something. My visual symbols are HP Blade Post-Its with tasks written on each.

There are two definite mindsets when laying out your own personal kanban:

  1. Visualize your work
  2. Limit your Work In Progress [WIP]

Here, I have visualized the items in my household that need immediate attention and have written them down and set them in the Backlog portion of my Kanban. To limit  WIP, I recommend placing no more than 5 items in this line. There is a great example of limiting your work on the Personal Kanban website [All my friends in Houston traffic will totally get this analogy (especially my 2 motorcycle riding friends)]:

Once you have completed one of your visual signals, you will move it to the completed side and celebrate. Completing a task of necessity is an achievement, a success, a noteworthy account, without you completing this task, the day was a lot more bleak, dull and uneventful. You are amazing and thank you, honey, for carrying out that task!

Did you see, wrap oranges?! Are you kidding me? Well, no. Before the week of hard freezes, Dak and I went to the back yard to pick the oranges off the neighbors tree. Last year we had the same dilemma, but I read here that you can wrap oranges as long as you plan to eat them and look at them with and astute eye, one bad orange mixed in with other amazing oranges equals all bad oranges.

Our Neighbors Orange Tree

Our beautifully wrapped oranges + purple onion + garlic

Note: HP BladeSystem Post Its are not very wall friendly, I am thinking about investing in the new Post-Its with “kid sticking to the wall” sticky, then they won’t mysteriously fall into the garbage can.

PS – Here is B now, working on one of my WIP’s… I totally owe him!

My B, he is the best!

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