Feb 112011

My 2010 BCS Winnings!

Look what I just got in the mail! I was SHOCKED, and Dak barked her head of, as usual.

It’s an Igloo rolling cooler stuffed with chips and salsa!

Back in October (approximately) Frito Lay:Be Snack Readypost a 2010 TOSTITOS BCS National Championship Game Photos contest in which the top to winners were to claim tickets to the 2010 Tostitos BCS National Championship. So, I entered and then I became a finalist but I did not receive the most votes, bummer but it was still really cool to be a finalist!

Well, I am QUITE happy with these delicious chips and salsa! If I hadn’t already had lunch by the time this present got to me, I probably wouldn’t have made this post, since i <3 chips… big time.

I know, you are dying to see my finalist photo, here goes:

Rock'n the University of Oklahoma Cheerleader gear, HOT!

Thanks Tostitos! Hopefully I will put on a better game face this year and be one of the top two finalists to win the game day tickets. Until then, happy chipping my friends!

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Feb 092011

Christian Book Distributors is offering quite a few new FREE eBooks through their website:

Happy Reading!

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Feb 082011

HERE IS YOUR REMINDER FOR 25% off and a GREAT CAUSE. C even got some cool stickers from Aero for participating.

Good Gravy, I wish I had saved C’s jean donation for this!

Copied from DoSomething.org:

Welcome to the 4th Annual Teens for Jeans drive, empowering YOU to take action on youth homelessness.

Drop off your gently worn jeans to any Aéropostale store between January 17th and February 13th and we’ll get them to a local homeless shelter or charity.

As a thanks, you’ll get an additional 25% off your next pair of Aero jeans.

Your school could win $5000 and a party if you collect the most jeans. Sign up, start your drive now and find out how you can win.

You know there has to be at least one pair of unworn jeans in that closet of theirs because they don’t fit right or they aren’t the right color.

What a great way for us to encourage our [pre]teens to do something nice for other teens in need!

PS. Feel free to send me a message or comment if you have jeans you would like to give to the cause, I will be more than happy to pick them up (unless, of course, you are in Minnesota… I’ll send you my address for shipping).

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Feb 082011

I’ve lost my favorites bar icon and I am beside myself.

No where in this huge WWW will any body/thing tell me how to get it back with ease. So now, I’m just a blank slate with a lonely title.

Come back little icon, we need you!

Any suggestions on getting my buddy back?

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Feb 042011

When I grow up, I want to be the weather girl. If I became a weather girl, I would only have to be partially right about 20% of the time, the other 80% I would be able to guess from just looking at the sky…

Here is a peak at the winter weather that has shut down [almost] all of Houston and surrounding area today:

Whoa Whoa Whoa, can you believe it!? I mean, it’s almost 500 micrometers thick! WATCH OUT!

If you have kids, I’m sure you heard the big disappointment this morning when they didn’t wake up to even an inch on the ground. After all the hype on the radio and TV from the weather folks, it was like three feet were going to be on the ground when we woke up.

We actually got quite a bit of snow, but it hit two different atmospheric changes before reaching the ground, so all that we see now is minimal snow and lots and lots of ice/sleet/sludge. Thanks Humidity, didn’t think you would be so cruel to us in the winter as you are in the summer.

We did get what I like to call “crunchy grass”, grass covered in thick sheets of ice, it is so much fun to step on and hear the crunch crunch crunch under your feet. It reminds me of when Johnny and I were little, my parents used to set up the water hoses in the trees so that when we woke up there would be tons of crunchy grass and icicles connected to the trees, it was a winter wonderland!

We are supposed to get another hard freeze tonight, so maybe I will be able to build up enough warmth in my bones to do this for the girls to wake up to tomorrow morning. I better start layering now.

Happy “Snow” Day Folks!

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Feb 022011

Holy Smokes Y’all! Remember when Mom and Dad said patience is a virtue? Well this patience has been long time coming!

Today and tomorrow ONLY, you can score a $200 Groupon to any of the 71 Houston area Mattress Firm store’s [including Clearance Centers] for just $50! That is 75% off!

C has been wanting a new bed/mattress since she hit about 4’11″ and that was about three years ago. She just picked out a whole new, mature bedroom theme actually; our baby girl is growing up [tear].

Here is the fine print for the deal:

  • Expires Aug 4, 2012 [18 months from Groupon activation]
  • Limit 1 per household. Limit 1 per order. In-store only. Valid only for mattress sets and mattresses. Not valid for returns. Tax and delivery not included.

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    Feb 012011

    Christian Book Distributors is offering quite a few new FREE eBooks through their website:

    • Imaginary Jesus
    • I Love You THIS Much (Children’s)
    • Vanished
    • Pilgrim’s Progress
    • The City of God
    • Morning & Evening

    Happy Reading!

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