Jan 012011

Have you made a New Year’ s resolution?

Personally, I like to think of them as short term goals that can potentially snowball to long term goals.

I have no need to lose weight or be on better track with debt, so what do I need to adjust in order for better future prosperity?

How about eating better and continuing to snowball?

  1. One thing I kick myself for almost every day is eating breakfast, the most important meal of the day! I just don’t make the proper time for it so I grab a pop tart or breakfast bar after my morning jog. This just is not acceptable for 2011. I need to be more proactive on eating before my morning activities so I will not feel sluggish through out the day.
  2. I would also like to eat more fresh fruits and veggies throughout the week by incorporating them more in the meals that I make for my family, rather than a snack after lunch or with lunch on the weekend.
  3. Our debt snowball is in progress and unless something absolutely terrible happens we are on track for payoff in just a few months! Yay us! Do you know what is more exciting than paying this stupid junk off? It is the ability to help more people, more families and more of our country, giving is the true gift of financial freedom and we are SO ready!
  4. I will share a really personal goal, who cares, there is no pride in Heaven. I want to feel more sexy in my own skin. God made this body to please Him, me, my husband and to support my family. Whatever it takes, I will admire who I am and who I am made to be.
  5. I want to play more games (board, TV and computer) with our sweet C. She just loves being competitive and likes to learn different strategies to winning, and to losing. She is very humble.
  6. I hope to get my etsy shop, sweetgum way, up and running. So far I am working on product, there will be lovely tile pieces up for sale soon enough!

I believe I will be able to accomplish these goals and more in 2011 with the love, grace and ultimate hand of God and from my family.

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