Jan 262011

We are almost through January 2011 and it is time for a resolution update.

  1. Eating breakfast every morning has been amazing. I have felt more active and alert every day. I happened to miss breakfast twice last week for ridiculous reasons, I’m sure. Boy, those days were not pretty and I really regretted not being smart and taking the time to make a bowl of Special K.
  2. Hmmm, still just snacking on fresh fruits and veggies mostly… Any good ideas for incorporating into easy dishes?
  3. Ode to my car, somebody put a curse [I have my suspicions] on that 10 year old girl and she had to be admitted to the hospital and go under the knife for a transmission transplant. She is good now, but there’s to the snowball this month. We are staying positive, I have only been to the grocery store three times this month and therefore have saved LOTS of cash, eating from the stockpile at the moment.
  4. B and I started working out in the morning to P90X, it is pretty insane, but we are surviving… we are definately sleeping better at night!
  5. B + C volleyed until it started raining a couple weekends back and then duked it out on Mario Cart Wii; it is so funny how they are both so competitive and so intense. Like Father, Like Daughter!
  6. Sweetgum Way is up and running and my tiles were posted on their feature page on January 18, that was REALLY exciting!

I should have added another item to the list:

  • Live on the edge. Case and Point: Order sopapillas FIRST at your birthday dinner and you will be amazed at the looks the kids and adults give you… High Fives all around!

Have you make/kept any of your resolutions one month into the new year? I hope so, let this be your encouragement to keep on keeping on, YOU CAN DO IT!

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