Jan 082011

Good Gravy, I wish I had saved C’s jean donation for this!

Copied from DoSomething.org

Welcome to the 4th Annual Teens for Jeans drive, empowering YOU to take action on youth homelessness.

Drop off your gently worn jeans to any Aéropostale store between January 17th and February 13th and we’ll get them to a local homeless shelter or charity.

As a thanks, you’ll get an additional 25% off your next pair of Aero jeans.

Your school could win $5000 and a party if you collect the most jeans. Sign up, start your drive now and find out how you can win.

You know there has to be at least one pair of unworn jeans in that closet of theirs because they don’t fit right or they aren’t the right color.

What a great way for us to encourage our [pre]teens to do something nice for other teens in need!

PS. Feel free to send me a message or comment if you have jeans you would like to give to the cause, I will be more than happy to pick them up (unless, of course, you are in Minnesota… I’ll send you my address for shipping).

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