Dec 302010

Have you gotten to the point that just running is kind of boring?


Hmmm, well I have so it is definitely time to switch it up some.

This gem came to my inbox just today and I am really, really excited! SHAPE (the women’s fitness magazine) is putting on their first ever Diva Dash in Austin, Texas on April 9, 2011.

B and I love the hill country and have been wanting to get back to tour the weird Austin scene more.

I am sure you do not have anything planned April 9th, so just put it on your calendar as tentative, discuss the festivities with your best girls, and join me on this skipping, jumping and swinging jolly good time!

PS. I will let you all know more about it on January 24 once the Diva Dash site is up and running!

UPDATE: More Diva Dash Info posted here!

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    [...] hearing about the Shape magazine Diva Dash in this post? Well, January 24, 2011 has past and the Shape Diva Dash site is [...]


    I would like information on tickets please.


    I am interested in participating in the run. Can anyone sign up to do this or just women that are in fit and have been running?



      Absolutely! Any woman is able to sign up, no matter their strength or stamina. There will be many fun obstacles to challenge yourself, but if you feel they are a little too demanding at that moment, they have also mapped alternate routes as well. Now through March 8, registration is only $35!


    Is it teams or individuals? The site was a little confusing about that. I took it as individuals, but my friends thought we have to form a team


      The sign-ups are for individual divas, but groups are welcomed as they are a great form of encouragement and motivation when times get tough [like in a mud pit or jumping over fire] ;) If you decide to bring a group of ladies, you will all need to register seperately and chose the same start wave time (every 15 minutes between 9:00am and 11:30am). Registration through March 8 is only $35!


    We are registered! YAY!

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