Dec 302010

“Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal.” Matthew 6:19 NLV

Did you watch this show on TLC Wednesday? The only realistic participant was the Diva, I think everybody else was almost off their rocker. I mean, B, If I EVER come home and ask you to move your man cave because I have too many groceries for a three person household, you better say something or you will get roshambo’d.

I was really taken aback about the hoarder who didn’t even mention donating any of her loot and the DH that was “supportive” of her habit. God, family, then maybe groceries about 10th on the list of things of importance.

I loved the cute girl who was dumpster diving with her son and friend, I have read a lot about this (dumpster diving) on the boards I read, but I just don’t think getting a deal is quite worth this, yet. She is very relate-able as I (we) are young women who are trying to support our family as best as possible. You go girl, but really, let your man have the other side of the garage for himself. Give and Take.

The Diva was so knowledgeable and friendly, I would like to think I am more like her with her ability to teach and persue to deals on a timed basis. I loved that she walked and visited to get coupons from her neighborhood and shared her insight to fellow shoppers. I happen to walk with Dakota and pick up fliers on Friday’s when people pass out their recycle bins, so in a way, D and I are like the Diva.

Nate was a amazing in the fact that he was the only one who actually said he was donating a large portion of his loot to his church. There are so many people out there that depend on shelters for sustenance and help, I am really glad that he revealed the heart that we share, we purchase things for free (and almost free) and just give it away.

Half of these folks had separate insurance policies on the food and HBA goods within their households. I find it hard to believe that somebody would actually insure foods… and in some cases, processed foods. Just donate it to the hungry people on the streets.

Today, I was actually driving all around Houston trying to find one particular item for a project I am working on. I stopped at quite a few lights with men standing with sign’s of “Hungry, anything will help”, I wish I had these “extreme couponers” stockpile to help. Although we donate regularly to the local shelter, I couldn’t help feeling guilty for all the food we get to eat and jobs we get to complete that bring in money for our families to enjoy.

So, this is just me, thinking out loud on the show we all watched together. HAPPY CCOUPONING FRIENDS!

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Dec 302010

Have you gotten to the point that just running is kind of boring?


Hmmm, well I have so it is definitely time to switch it up some.

This gem came to my inbox just today and I am really, really excited! SHAPE (the women’s fitness magazine) is putting on their first ever Diva Dash in Austin, Texas on April 9, 2011.

B and I love the hill country and have been wanting to get back to tour the weird Austin scene more.

I am sure you do not have anything planned April 9th, so just put it on your calendar as tentative, discuss the festivities with your best girls, and join me on this skipping, jumping and swinging jolly good time!

PS. I will let you all know more about it on January 24 once the Diva Dash site is up and running!

UPDATE: More Diva Dash Info posted here!

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Dec 282010

Yay! We got a few freebies in the mail this week! Better than last week, when we had to PAY for the mail, sheesh!

  • Teddy Bear
  • Guinea Pig food
  • Tiny Prints Christmas Card
  • Starbucks Vanilla Coffee sample
  • Procter & Gamble coupon booklet
  • Purina One cat food + coupon (our friend’s have a precious new kitty!)
  • Shape magazine
  • Whole Living magazine, apparently I need to complete a food detox starting Jan 3
  • Bon Appetit magazine

Hope you had an enjoyable snail mail week filled with presents from Santa and lots of freebies!

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Dec 222010

Who has an eBook reader on their Christmas list to Santa this year? If so, go ahead and stock these in your library, Christian Book Distributors is offering quite a few new FREE eBooks, including two children’s books, through their website:

  • House of Dark Shadows
  • The Christmas Story
  • Pilgrim’s Progress
  • Morning & Evening
  • Deeper Water
  • Love on a Dime
  • More Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas
  • Conspiracy in Kiev
  • Natalie Wants A Puppy
  • Jed and Roy McCoy – A Christmas Story

Yay for MORE free ebooks!

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Dec 202010

Christmas holds some of my most favorite things, one of them are our ornaments. I just love when we pull them out every year and I get to look at them sparkle on the tree, just like they are brand new or just freshly made. Here are some of my most favorites:

We just had to have this bird, C and I admired the fancy one my uncle had on his tree and decided ours was not complete without one as well… and they are just silly.

I love this one, it is B and my “First” Christmas ornament, although we had spent three Christmas’s together since we met, 2008 was our first official Christmas together as Husband and Wife,  and ’til death do us part.

I love how this red glittery star with silver bell sparkles in the lights on the tree. When I look at it, I want to sing (to whomever is around), “Darling you are my shining star, yes you are…”

This one is for C, I love it. She is SO great on her saxophone that I couldn’t resist getting it for her. Her and B debate on whether the treble clef or bass clef is better. I stay out of it since I was in choir and used the treble clef (see Red Glitter Star above). I will put in that the treble clef is much prettier, don’t you agree?

This is our shooting star – go ahead, you can make a wish! – it is white an glittery and hangs on a branch that is perfect to hang since it is almost 9″ long. If we turn on the fan it starts to twist and you can see the glitter lights come to life, it is so fun!

Rudolph! How did this guy get to be last on the list of many? C made this bad boy a few years ago and I love it. This year he is chilling on a branch just below eye level and he is quite the catch. His nose is a sparkly red pom pom and he totes a green bell around his neck, what Christmas tree is complete without a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?

Merry Christmas!

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Dec 192010

This week we have been focusing on getting our present list in order (we are officially done, now!) and spending time with our sweet girl. We got a few freebies in the mail this week… but most of the items we paid for… if you know what I mean.

  • All You Reality Checker grab bag (included Pup Peroni dog snacks, Nivea body wash, Stetson cologne, Metamucil sample, Febreze Laundry coupon, Dove Dark Chocolate sample, Oscillococcinum sample)
  • Acqua di Gioa sample (it’s amazing)
  • Eat Better America 2011 calendar
  • OK! Weekly magazine

Hope you had an enjoyable snail mail week filled with presents from Santa and lots of freebies!

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Dec 132010

Have you used your $20 Rue La La credit yet? If not, head over now and score a $50 eCertificate for just $5 out of pocket! That’s a savings of 90%!

If you have not yet signed up with Rue La La, go here and you can score this baby for just $15 out of pocket. This is still a great deal at a 60% discount.

Be sure to shop through eBates to gather 6% cash back.  Update: This comes as a special link and will not let you connect to eBates first. Oh well, my order total was $1.00, so I can give myself the $0.06 that I would have received.

Why are you still here? This is only a one day deal you know…

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Dec 122010

It’s been a slow week here at the H house, especially for mailbox loot, but, here is my loot from the past week:

  • The Sword of Darrow
  • Lawry’s Seasoning
  • The Nativity
  • Starbucks VIA samples
  • Ipsos Survey check
  • Woman’s Day magazine
  • OK USA magazine
  • All You magazine
  • Food & Wine magazine
  • Real Simple magazine
  • Redbook magazine
  • Architectural Digest

Did you receive anything exciting?

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