Nov 202010

Picture an item, similar to above, on your doorstep around Christmas.

Scenario: Door bell rings after dark, “Ugh, another solicitor, don’t they see the sign that it’s not allowed here?” So you send the husband to the door to do the talking. He opens the door and slams it back like a blast of ice is charging towards him. “WHAT HAPPENED?!” He says, “I think it’s for you and I SWEAR I didn’t see anything!”

What a bummer, but I still wrapped it up and stuck it under beside the Christmas tree. At least C didn’t know what it was.

So picture my amazement this year when I get B’s birthday present in the same fashion. I am really glad it was during the day, I don’t like when there aren’t surprises under the Christmas tree for my family. Here is what I did with this years gift as soon as it got in the door:

I cannot confirm, nor deny, if this is the actual package in our house, but I can confirm that the brown paper color is pretty dead on.

Have you ever received an unwrapped gift that spoiled (or almost spoiled) the suprise?

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    Yea, the year I snooped in my mom’s dresser under her jammies and found my Beatles album ! Only thing was , it just made me happier for the whole season knowing she had got me exactly what I wanted !

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