Oct 052010


Here I am friends! I haven’t post since FRIDAY, Holy Sha-miley!

DH took our GOOD computer to get some files reloaded so he can work more efficiently in his CAD program, so my new beloved has been absent since two Friday’s ago. (It makes posting to the blog SO much easier, thank you HP for this! Dell, you copy cats, think of something with your own R&D.)

This weekend was so much fun with our girlie. We went to an outdoor concert on Friday, had ice cream, sweet tea and listened to some great music. Saturday we had volleyball and birthday/football watching to attend to. BOOMER SOONER – for all you T-sip fans, it’s Tuesday and TU still stinks. Sunday was exactly what God had planned, no work and all play (sometimes play = relaxation). So, I didn’t even think about you guys too much this weekend, you understand, right?

Monday rolled around and Comcast decided to wreak havoc on the whole neighborhood. No Internet alllll day, but my front flower beds are sure looking nice!

Now it’s Tuesday and I’m in love. I hope to have some great eBook and deal posts for you in a bit.

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