Oct 242010

Happy Sunday! I hope you find awonderful day of rest ahead of you. B is out coaching his boy’s tournament baseball team and I am getting ready for church then spending some time at Sur La Table with my little brother. Rememer to rest today, the week will be coming strong tomorrow.

I had a great week in mailbox freebies, here is my loot:

  • Green Mountain Coffee, travel mug and sticker
  • Playtex Sport samples
  • Feel UR Boobies sticker
  • Emergen-C samples
  • Victoria’s Secret coupons
  • Kashi TLC breakfast bar sample + coupon
  • Post-It samples
  • Cottonelle FREE tub coupon
  • Crest Pro-Health For Me sample + coupons
  • Pringles Extreme FREE coupon
  • Wisk sample + coupon
  • BioIQ kit (Work gives us extra benefit dollars by completing different tasks each year, this year we are to “Know Our Numbers”)
  • OK! Weekly magazine
  • Town & Country magazine
  • Shape magazine
  • Lowe’s Woodworkers magazine
  • FamilyCircle magazine
  • Working Mother magazine
  • Salt Water Sport magazine
  • #4 fell off of our mailbox, this is my reminder that I need to go glue it back on!

Did you receive anything exciting this week?

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