Oct 292010

I have already started, have you?

I actually started in July when Target had their annual toy clearance. I spent a little over $100 and 90% will be donated to Toys for Tots and Angel Tree. I have to save some as birthday presents for a few special kiddos.

You need to check out BlackFriday for previews of the after Thanksgiving sales. I know it’s pretty exciting to drive around on Thanksgiving to try and find a station open to purchase the sales papers, but this is so much more efficient! Currently the Ace Hardware, Toys R Us Toy Book, Kmart Toy Book, WalMart Toy Catalog, True Value and Harbor Freight and Tools ads are posted with MANY more to come within the next couple of weeks.

One of the sites I use for Christmas shopping, that you need to check out, is PriceProtectr.com. This site lets you track price info about an item you want to buy using its URL. Right now I am casing two large items on Amazon.com, Buy.com, and another site. But that isn’t all folks, this site also allows you to keep track of a purchase after you buy, so if the price goes down, and the company has a price protection policy (usually 2 weeks to 30 days), you will be able to get the difference back! Amazing! I have already been notified of price drops on each item already, but there has to be better deals coming!

Is there a holiday shopping idea or tip you would like to share? Leave a comment!

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    Hey! Thanks for sharing this info — I am particulary eager to try out the priceprotectr site — I figured there was a site like this out there, but could never figure out exactly how to search to find it. hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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