Oct 082010

Four words – Dog Leash Rope Burn.

I put D’s extendable leash on last night so we could work in the front yard and frolic together without her running off. Well, we accomplished neither. She got frightened by something, maybe an acorn fell on her and she BOLTed with the extend-o-leash around her neck already.

In one of her three rounds around the neighbors yards she ran towards me, I told her to SIT! but she just wrapped that bad boy leash around my legs and kept going until she got connected under one of the neighbors vehicle tires.

Here’s the outcome of her escapade:

It hurt SO bad! I wanted to cry right when I felt the harsh sting around my ankles, the pain was all through my body, it was terrible! BUT, my 6 year old neighbor was there laughing because D really did look like a tard trying to get away from the leash following her. So, I laughed it up with her.

Today I am moving VERY slowly, I hardly slept last night - I bet the skin around your ankles are the most moved throughout any given day/night.

Anyways, that’s all she wrote – TGIF!

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  8 Responses to “A Thursday Freebie that’s making me S.L..O…W….”


    OH MY poor thing! Hurry up and feel better! I am at 15.64 miles this month! How have you been doing on run/walking???


    How about some Advil and aloe ?


      I JUST took the forst 2 Advil of the day, I can’t believe it took all day of pain to finally think, “Hmm, I need some Advil!” Poor Tootie is still creeped out from the trauma.


    eeeek that looks mighty painful…i have had a few leash burns before at the apartment…you learn to fear the leash!


    I was googling to find other people who have had bad leash burns. I got one just the other day on the back of my knees. I figured it would heal, but it seems to be getting worse. It was a good idea that you went to the doctors. I am thinking I will end up going myself. Thanks for sharing. I will probably post a picture eventually on my family blog. Wonder if you have a scar now? Judi Fox ( http://www.judifox.com and http://www.foxfamilyjournal.com )


      Hi Judi! Thanks for your post. I still have a scar on both legs, I have been using Vitamin E oil on the scars and they are still present. I am starting to tan [hello summer!] so we will see what that brings! The redness of the scars have gone away tremendously and the imprint from the leash is almost all the way raised back to my normal skin level. Slowly but surly! i definately recommend going to get a shot from the doctor, you never know what kind of dirt and grime is on the leash.. until it is too late. So better safe than sorry! Keep me updated! I can send you some pics of now if you want to see the progress – just send me a private message. I will be doing an aniversary post of the “tattoos” in October, but I can send to you sooner if needed!


    [...] My leash burn is healing. I can finally walk like a normal human and I even went for a (very) short jog with Dakota this morning. [...]

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