Sep 222010

B and I really like gussying up our home and right now we are in the market for a living room rug and wall art for above our fireplace. Art and rugs are SO expensive and we have maxed our painting resources with our entryway masterpiece ala B+C.

A few weeks ago we took a stroll through Highland Village in Houston and came across some really neat subway signs in Mecox Gardens which caught our eyes, but at $425, it was not a frugal deal AT ALL, the whole store was QUITE over priced, but it comes with the neighborhood.

Today, however, on One Kings Lane, they have the SAME sign for sale and guess how much it is? $159! Retail $295!

I think it drives B crazy when I suggest that we should sleep on it and discuss when we aren’t so in love with one piece or another, he is one for instant gratification and I am one for saving the $ until we can afford to pay cash. But this time, it paid off immensely, a savings of $266 or 63%! What What!

Now, I’m hot on the One Kings Lanefor a stellar deal on rugs. Last week they had one rug sale, but the cheapest was $300 for a 3×5 and that is not going to cut it! I could go to Mecox for that price…

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    Here is what B said to the post: i think our paintings should go for $2500….for the full set, no splitting up the group (ha).


      ya that’s how i operate as well..i figure out what i want then spend the next six months searching until i can find what i was used on craigslist:)

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