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Do you ever wonder where all the coupons are at? A lot of them are here, in this wonderful world wide web. They are in the Sunday paper, sometimes you can find them in the Tuesday/Wednesday mail, and even the stores have blinkies, hangtags, booklets and home mailers for you to enjoy as well. So where do I get my resources?

First, I start with the Sunday paper, it is the basic and it helps. Not only are SmartSource, RedPlum and the P&G inserts hanging out for you to grab and clip, almost every week in the Parade magazine (usually found mingling with the weekly fliers) there are coupons tucked away as well.

Then, I utilize the WWW in tremendous amounts; there are internet print coupons available at the manufacturer of my favorite products and, I “like” many of my favorite brands on Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter and they will offer coupons every now and again, I read forums pertaining to coupons like Hot Coupon World (FREE). I used to use The Grocery Game (Free for the first 4 weeks), it is a fantastic resource for those starting out on their discounting grocery journey and those with little time to dilly in many favorite blogs and forums. I follow quite a few blogs that tell where the deals are at, like Katy Couponers, Southern Savers and Be Centsable. I also load coupons to my Kroger and Randall’s card through their home website and, and

I also walk the store and pick up any coupon I can find; wine tags, blinkies, hang tags, peelies and booklets are to be had all around the store. If I can use it then, great, if not, I will stash it in the binder for a better day.

Last, if that is not enough for me, I will join some of the fun coupon trains on HCW to trade my coupons for somebody else’s. I like trains because different regions of the US get different coupons, Texas will not get a TastyKake coupon as Delaware will not get a Blue Bell coupon.

Are there any questions? Leave a comment!

OMGoodness, I can’t believe I almost forgot this. Always sign up with the favorite manufacturer’s mailing list, you never know what they might send in the mail or email! We all know I love free goodies in the mail!

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