Sep 072010

What a great three-day weekend we had!

Great #1 – OUR FLOORS ARE FINISHED!!! It only took four months to complete, B and I do not recommend using Home Depot for wood floor installations, more specifically Cooper Flooring, who contracts through Home Depot.

Great #2 – I ran a 10 minute mile on my 6 mile long-run Saturday morning. I rewarded myself with the YUMMY breakfast of cheese grits and a fried egg, I don’t care too much that fried egg is not the best choice, it was absolutely delicious! My toes were DYING at the end though, I thought I was going to have to get toe replacement surgery from all the pain in my two second toes. We went to Luke’s Locker to get my shoes checked out and it turns out I was running in shoes that were too small! So, just like needing to get a professional bra fitting (ladies), you also need a professional shoe fitting to determine the correct size for your feet. My new shoes are so snazzy and comfortable, I found renewed excitement for a 13 mile run.

Great #3 – We went to the beach, enough said. Well, other than the fact that some of our parts got pretty crispy, we had so much fun! Yellow flag + a storm coming in = awesome waves. I showed C how to dive through them, she really liked how it felt to get her hair pulled back by a wave, my favorite is when you finally jump up and you still can’t touch the gulf floor. I stepped on a fish once and then it swam past my leg, ugh, what a creepy make you jump out of the water feeling!

I hope you all had as wonderful weekend as we did! Happy 4 day work week!

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