Sep 202010

The ding dang devil is sitting on my shoulder and telling me to dwell; to sit in my spinny chair and think about how tough it is to be me and be sad that my house is so quiet this morning.

This morning I struggle with a big case of [need to forgive], I have already conversed with God on my issue with forgiveness this morning quite a few times, it is so hard to do with the little puke sitting there meandering near me telling me to do the worldly thing. BUT I WANT TO DO THE GODLY THING, SO LEAVE ME ALONE!

In a silly analogy I shared with God after one of my prayer sessions this morning, I told him, “I feel like a bank teller, I know all the information and I see all the big money come past me, in and out, all day long. I hold the best information, but I am still only paid minimum wage and I cannot share the intell with anybody but my Boss.” It is just not fair, but who told us life would be fair? Surely, it wasn’t the guy who said “in this life you will have trouble.”

I will not allow my joy to be taken away today, I know I am doing my best as a supportive wife and stepmom. I will continue to pray for the ability to forgive today, it is very important, we are to be friends to our enemies and that is only complete with forgiveness. If you get a moment to pray for me today, it would be greatly appreciated and you let me know what I can pray for you!

With LOVE!

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  3 Responses to “Today, I Struggle…”


    Praying for peace in your heart, and God’s comfort for your soul. You are an awesome mom, otherwise I wouldn’t trust you with my precious baby girl!


    You know I am praying for ya girl!!! When I got that way many times last week, I went and ran! made me spend time with God in his creation! I totaly understand where you are coming from and you have my prayers sweet friend!

    God Bless, and you will have a terrific day!



    I have heard it said “In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven. For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike.” But our Father in heaven knows your heart and will not let anything harm you ! Be strong <3 Praying for you !

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