Sep 162010

I made a quick run to Kroger during lunch because of a sweet deal on Libby’s canned veggies. Here is my break out:

12 cans Libby’s veggies @ $0.50/each = $6.00 – 4 $1/3 cans = $2.00/12 or $0.16 each

4 Uncle Ben’s Whole Grain White rice @ $1.50/each = $6.00 – 2 B1G1 IP - 1 $1/2 = $2.00/4 or $0.50 each

2 Sobe @ $1.00/each = $2.00 – 1 FREE mailer = $1.00

Ducolax (donate) closeout @ $6.41 – $8.00 IP = -$1.59

2 Your Life Vitamins @ $8.99/each = $17.98 – Kroger B1G1 sale – 2 $3.00/1 = $2.99 or $1.49/each

2 Cheetos Puffs @ $1.66/each = 3.32 – 2 $0.50/1 hangtags + FREE Sierra Mist = @ 1.32 or $0.66/each + FREE Sierra Mist

Pam Cooking Spray $2.39 – $0.35/1 = $1.34

Dole shredded lettuce $1.00

Onions $.99/lb

Total Spent $8.99

Total Saved $54.13 or 84%

Seeing as we are going out on a trip this weekend, our girls will probably rush through our stash of Cheetos and fresh green beans, so it’s always good to be over prepared. And, you never know when a hurricane will hit and all you have left is succotash, ech.

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Sep 132010

When was the last time you wrote a letter of congratulations or commiserations?

I always joke to C and DH about writing a letter to my local congressman when they, or any body else, do something to annoy me.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs today, The Coupon Goddess, who led me to Coal Creek Farm, who led me back to The Coupon Goddess because of a letter she wrote to a miserable coupon-loathing cashier. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD (that is more than LOL) because I have wanted to do this on SO many occasions, but have only remitted twice to a grocery store and once to an eating establishment.

Once, I wrote to Kroger and Coke - I went in with a MyCokeRewards coupon (you buy these with MCR points) for a free 12 pack of any Coke product and the cashier ripped it up and said I was stealing because it was a fraudulent coupon. I haven’t seen said cashier since, but Kroger responded with a nice shopping allowance and Coke did as well.

Also, I wrote to Randall’s when I didn’t find anything on my list I walked out of the store and the night manager followed me out and wrote my license plate number down. I stopped the truck and questioned her actions, I was HOT! Randall’s customer service did not care one bit about their manager following me out, they were more concerned with what items were out of stock so it doesn’t happen in the future… Are you kidding me? I was so annoyed with their response that it took two months for me to go into the store again. If they didn’t sell Grande gluten free chips for $.99 after coupon, it might have been longer.

Last, I wrote to our favorite Tex-Mex establishment because of their declining attention to customer service and food quality. This cannot happen to our once a week place of preference, and I let them know by-golly. They were very responsive and they wanted to understand more about what was going on with the overall perceptions of their patrons.

Not only does writing a letter help you sort out your feelings, it allows establishments to better understand their customers needs and adjust to accomidate. We are pretty easy going people, but their is a great difference between customer service and customer disservice, and it cost more to gain a customer than it does to maintain one.

Happy Writing!

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Sep 092010

At dinner with family last night, the option of eBooks came up. I’ve never really thought about it before because I really like the smell of a fresh turned paper page, but I’ll try (most) anything if it’s recommended.

I quickly researched my favorite online book store and found they have some pretty decent books available in e-format.

Christian Book Distributors is offering a few free ebooks right now including:

  • Motorcycles, Sushi & One Strange Book
  • Pilgrim’s Progress
  • Catwalk
  • The City of God
  • Morning & Evening (KJV)
  • Edge of Apocalypse
  • Sophie’s World
  • Sophie’s Secret

Yay for free books!

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Sep 072010

What a great three-day weekend we had!

Great #1 – OUR FLOORS ARE FINISHED!!! It only took four months to complete, B and I do not recommend using Home Depot for wood floor installations, more specifically Cooper Flooring, who contracts through Home Depot.

Great #2 – I ran a 10 minute mile on my 6 mile long-run Saturday morning. I rewarded myself with the YUMMY breakfast of cheese grits and a fried egg, I don’t care too much that fried egg is not the best choice, it was absolutely delicious! My toes were DYING at the end though, I thought I was going to have to get toe replacement surgery from all the pain in my two second toes. We went to Luke’s Locker to get my shoes checked out and it turns out I was running in shoes that were too small! So, just like needing to get a professional bra fitting (ladies), you also need a professional shoe fitting to determine the correct size for your feet. My new shoes are so snazzy and comfortable, I found renewed excitement for a 13 mile run.

Great #3 – We went to the beach, enough said. Well, other than the fact that some of our parts got pretty crispy, we had so much fun! Yellow flag + a storm coming in = awesome waves. I showed C how to dive through them, she really liked how it felt to get her hair pulled back by a wave, my favorite is when you finally jump up and you still can’t touch the gulf floor. I stepped on a fish once and then it swam past my leg, ugh, what a creepy make you jump out of the water feeling!

I hope you all had as wonderful weekend as we did! Happy 4 day work week!

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Sep 042010

This week the meal deal at HEB involves Ball Park hot dogs and we love Ball Park hot dogs here at the H house. Another terrible thing we love is frito pie and that is on a combo loco this week too.

So, I went to HEB this morning to partake is these lovely deals and here is how I came out spending only $6.06:

Buy 2 Ball Park franks @ $2.78 each


  • Hormel No beans Chili
  • HEB Dip
  • HEB Potato Chips
  • HEB Soft Drink
  • HCF Relish

I had a $2 coupon printed from Ball Park’s Facebook page and I found a $1 peelie on the Jumbo franks. The Sara Lee buns are not part of the deal, but there are hang tag coupons for $1.00 off buns when you buy Ball Park franks.

Meal Deal $2.78 x 2 = $5.56 – $2.00 IP – $1.00 Peelie = $2.56

Sara Lee buns $1.50 each – $1.00 Hangtag = $0.50

Meal total $3.06

Buy Kraft Natural Shredder or Crumble cheese @ $2.00 each


  • HEB Corn Chips
  • Wolf Brand No Beans Chili

Combo Loco $2.00 x 2 = $4.00 – $1.00 Blinkie = $3.00

Grand Total: $6.06!

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Sep 032010

This week was a little bit lame on the frees in my inbox; next week is going to be a lot better, I can feel it!

  • Purina One Dog Food Sample + Coupon
  • Biore Makeup Remover Cloths + Coupons
  • $5 from Yoplait to try out their yogurt
  • 50+ coupons from HCW trains

How do you like the background? Isn’t it lovely? That is what all of our floors look like at the moment, this is the REfloat. Today they will RElay the wood and it better be right this time!

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Sep 022010

My Mom and and I are heading up a Fall 2010 Community Group with Community of Faith.

Meetings will be Mondays 7pm off Telge Road and Cypress N Houston.

We are focusing on finances this season and EVERY ONE is welcome!

Click HERE to register. Comment or email for more information.

I see you have not taken advantage of this great offer so maybe you need our financial background as a push start?

Yes, I worked for the Dave Ramsey program with Aggie Green, ELP Houston area, Advanced Financial Services, Humble, TX. Yep, I have two bachelor’s degrees, Finance and Economics. Yes, my husband has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. But, how did we get to where we are right now? With the help of my dad (for me), the government and FAFSA, we still (unfortunately) have school debt to pay off. [Insert federal government aid blah blah here – let’s not go there].

We are not perfect, even though you thought we were. We have our ducks in a row to be paid off, but only by the love, and ultimate grace, of God will we actually get it complete in the time we discussed with Him.

Join us this season as we grow in financial sense and financial cents!

We love you!

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