Sep 132010

When was the last time you wrote a letter of congratulations or commiserations?

I always joke to C and DH about writing a letter to my local congressman when they, or any body else, do something to annoy me.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs today, The Coupon Goddess, who led me to Coal Creek Farm, who led me back to The Coupon Goddess because of a letter she wrote to a miserable coupon-loathing cashier. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD (that is more than LOL) because I have wanted to do this on SO many occasions, but have only remitted twice to a grocery store and once to an eating establishment.

Once, I wrote to Kroger and Coke - I went in with a MyCokeRewards coupon (you buy these with MCR points) for a free 12 pack of any Coke product and the cashier ripped it up and said I was stealing because it was a fraudulent coupon. I haven’t seen said cashier since, but Kroger responded with a nice shopping allowance and Coke did as well.

Also, I wrote to Randall’s when I didn’t find anything on my list I walked out of the store and the night manager followed me out and wrote my license plate number down. I stopped the truck and questioned her actions, I was HOT! Randall’s customer service did not care one bit about their manager following me out, they were more concerned with what items were out of stock so it doesn’t happen in the future… Are you kidding me? I was so annoyed with their response that it took two months for me to go into the store again. If they didn’t sell Grande gluten free chips for $.99 after coupon, it might have been longer.

Last, I wrote to our favorite Tex-Mex establishment because of their declining attention to customer service and food quality. This cannot happen to our once a week place of preference, and I let them know by-golly. They were very responsive and they wanted to understand more about what was going on with the overall perceptions of their patrons.

Not only does writing a letter help you sort out your feelings, it allows establishments to better understand their customers needs and adjust to accomidate. We are pretty easy going people, but their is a great difference between customer service and customer disservice, and it cost more to gain a customer than it does to maintain one.

Happy Writing!

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