Sep 042010

This week the meal deal at HEB involves Ball Park hot dogs and we love Ball Park hot dogs here at the H house. Another terrible thing we love is frito pie and that is on a combo loco this week too.

So, I went to HEB this morning to partake is these lovely deals and here is how I came out spending only $6.06:

Buy 2 Ball Park franks @ $2.78 each


  • Hormel No beans Chili
  • HEB Dip
  • HEB Potato Chips
  • HEB Soft Drink
  • HCF Relish

I had a $2 coupon printed from Ball Park’s Facebook page and I found a $1 peelie on the Jumbo franks. The Sara Lee buns are not part of the deal, but there are hang tag coupons for $1.00 off buns when you buy Ball Park franks.

Meal Deal $2.78 x 2 = $5.56 – $2.00 IP – $1.00 Peelie = $2.56

Sara Lee buns $1.50 each – $1.00 Hangtag = $0.50

Meal total $3.06

Buy Kraft Natural Shredder or Crumble cheese @ $2.00 each


  • HEB Corn Chips
  • Wolf Brand No Beans Chili

Combo Loco $2.00 x 2 = $4.00 – $1.00 Blinkie = $3.00

Grand Total: $6.06!

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    Holy cow! Take Megan every time you go. I love hot dogs! – paul

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