Sep 032010

This week was a little bit lame on the frees in my inbox; next week is going to be a lot better, I can feel it!

  • Purina One Dog Food Sample + Coupon
  • Biore Makeup Remover Cloths + Coupons
  • $5 from Yoplait to try out their yogurt
  • 50+ coupons from HCW trains

How do you like the background? Isn’t it lovely? That is what all of our floors look like at the moment, this is the REfloat. Today they will RElay the wood and it better be right this time!

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  2 Responses to “Frees Friday – 9/3 Edition”


    I want Free stuff!!!! I need to learn!!!


    Check out Free Sample Freak in my blogroll, good start to free loot!

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