Sep 022010

My Mom and and I are heading up a Fall 2010 Community Group with Community of Faith.

Meetings will be Mondays 7pm off Telge Road and Cypress N Houston.

We are focusing on finances this season and EVERY ONE is welcome!

Click HERE to register. Comment or email for more information.

I see you have not taken advantage of this great offer so maybe you need our financial background as a push start?

Yes, I worked for the Dave Ramsey program with Aggie Green, ELP Houston area, Advanced Financial Services, Humble, TX. Yep, I have two bachelor’s degrees, Finance and Economics. Yes, my husband has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. But, how did we get to where we are right now? With the help of my dad (for me), the government and FAFSA, we still (unfortunately) have school debt to pay off. [Insert federal government aid blah blah here – let’s not go there].

We are not perfect, even though you thought we were. We have our ducks in a row to be paid off, but only by the love, and ultimate grace, of God will we actually get it complete in the time we discussed with Him.

Join us this season as we grow in financial sense and financial cents!

We love you!

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