Sep 272010

If you did not get a chance to snag this Groupon last Wednesday, here is another chance. Note: It is available to one per household.

Today (9/27/10), (Atlanta) has $10 for $20 on, a sister of, and has Colloidal Silver on sale for 47% off – $8.29!

Here is how my run will go:

Go to eBates to purchase Groupon (6% cash back) = $0.60

Groupon purchase $10 for $20

3 Collodial Silver $24.87

Free shipping over $25 (IDK, but I got FREE shipping on $24.87)

Total $14.87 or $4.96 each, what a STEAL!

And, get back 5.5% from shopping through eBates cash back = $0.27

New total $14.00

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