Sep 292010

Do you ever wonder where all the coupons are at? A lot of them are here, in this wonderful world wide web. They are in the Sunday paper, sometimes you can find them in the Tuesday/Wednesday mail, and even the stores have blinkies, hangtags, booklets and home mailers for you to enjoy as well. So where do I get my resources?

First, I start with the Sunday paper, it is the basic and it helps. Not only are SmartSource, RedPlum and the P&G inserts hanging out for you to grab and clip, almost every week in the Parade magazine (usually found mingling with the weekly fliers) there are coupons tucked away as well.

Then, I utilize the WWW in tremendous amounts; there are internet print coupons available at the manufacturer of my favorite products and, I “like” many of my favorite brands on Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter and they will offer coupons every now and again, I read forums pertaining to coupons like Hot Coupon World (FREE). I used to use The Grocery Game (Free for the first 4 weeks), it is a fantastic resource for those starting out on their discounting grocery journey and those with little time to dilly in many favorite blogs and forums. I follow quite a few blogs that tell where the deals are at, like Katy Couponers, Southern Savers and Be Centsable. I also load coupons to my Kroger and Randall’s card through their home website and, and

I also walk the store and pick up any coupon I can find; wine tags, blinkies, hang tags, peelies and booklets are to be had all around the store. If I can use it then, great, if not, I will stash it in the binder for a better day.

Last, if that is not enough for me, I will join some of the fun coupon trains on HCW to trade my coupons for somebody else’s. I like trains because different regions of the US get different coupons, Texas will not get a TastyKake coupon as Delaware will not get a Blue Bell coupon.

Are there any questions? Leave a comment!

OMGoodness, I can’t believe I almost forgot this. Always sign up with the favorite manufacturer’s mailing list, you never know what they might send in the mail or email! We all know I love free goodies in the mail!

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Sep 272010

If you did not get a chance to snag this Groupon last Wednesday, here is another chance. Note: It is available to one per household.

Today (9/27/10), (Atlanta) has $10 for $20 on, a sister of, and has Colloidal Silver on sale for 47% off – $8.29!

Here is how my run will go:

Go to eBates to purchase Groupon (6% cash back) = $0.60

Groupon purchase $10 for $20

3 Collodial Silver $24.87

Free shipping over $25 (IDK, but I got FREE shipping on $24.87)

Total $14.87 or $4.96 each, what a STEAL!

And, get back 5.5% from shopping through eBates cash back = $0.27

New total $14.00

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Sep 242010

Goodies, goodies galore!

  • Chex Mix Party Pack from MyGetTogether – It is football theme, but I will be using it during our Community Group on Monday nights, during conversation time we will have MNF on in the background for the men of the group.
  • HEB Prize Pack thanks to Brandie! Includes Reusable ConAgra shopping tote, $25 H-E-B Gift Card, Peter Pan Peanut Butter, 4-pack Snack Pack Pudding, Healthy Choice Fresh Mixer, LaChoy Creation, Chef Boyardee, Hunt’s Ketchup, Marie Callender’s Homestyle Creation
  • 50+ coupons from HCW trains
  • 10 business cards (SO cute!)
  • Snapfish Photo Notebook from Snapfish (paid shipping)
  • U by Kotex samples + coupon
  • Downy sample + coupons
  • OXY Clinical samples + coupon
  • Free M&M’s coupon
  • Bon Appetit magazine
  • OK Weekly magazine
  • Shape magazine
  • Working Mother magazine

Did you get any goodies this week?

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Sep 222010

My Mom and and I are heading up a Fall 2010 Community Group with Community of Faith.

Meetings will start this Monday (9/27/10) at 7pm off Telge Road and Cypress N Houston.

We are focusing on finances this season and EVERY ONE is welcome!

Click HERE to register.

You are more than welcome to stop by without registering, send me a message or leave a comment and I will send you the address!

We cannot wait to see you all there :)

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Sep 222010

If there is one thing I have taken to heart from my mom, it is to be as natural in healing as possible.

Today (9/22/10), has $10 for $20 on, a sister of, and has Colloidal Silver on sale for 51% off – $7.60!

Here is how my run will go:

Groupon purchase $10 for $20

3 Collodial Silver $22.80

Free shipping over $25 (IDK, but I got FREE shipping on $22.80)

Total $12.80 or $4.27 each, what a STEAL!

OH! And, I will get back 5.5% from shopping through eBates cash back = $1.25

New total $11.55

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Sep 222010

B and I really like gussying up our home and right now we are in the market for a living room rug and wall art for above our fireplace. Art and rugs are SO expensive and we have maxed our painting resources with our entryway masterpiece ala B+C.

A few weeks ago we took a stroll through Highland Village in Houston and came across some really neat subway signs in Mecox Gardens which caught our eyes, but at $425, it was not a frugal deal AT ALL, the whole store was QUITE over priced, but it comes with the neighborhood.

Today, however, on One Kings Lane, they have the SAME sign for sale and guess how much it is? $159! Retail $295!

I think it drives B crazy when I suggest that we should sleep on it and discuss when we aren’t so in love with one piece or another, he is one for instant gratification and I am one for saving the $ until we can afford to pay cash. But this time, it paid off immensely, a savings of $266 or 63%! What What!

Now, I’m hot on the One Kings Lanefor a stellar deal on rugs. Last week they had one rug sale, but the cheapest was $300 for a 3×5 and that is not going to cut it! I could go to Mecox for that price…

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Sep 212010

We had such a great weekend! We had our annual (immediate) family reunion in New Braunfels, Tx at Schlitterbahn.

Our girls had a lot of fun, here is a before (mid-morning) shot:


And here is their after shot:

The water was SO cold, but that was to be expected. We rode almost every ride once, we did not make it to the original three tube shoots for fear of hypothermia; nobody likes blue lips and black toes.

All in all it was another successful year at the Bahn and we are already planning our trip for next year.

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Sep 202010

The ding dang devil is sitting on my shoulder and telling me to dwell; to sit in my spinny chair and think about how tough it is to be me and be sad that my house is so quiet this morning.

This morning I struggle with a big case of [need to forgive], I have already conversed with God on my issue with forgiveness this morning quite a few times, it is so hard to do with the little puke sitting there meandering near me telling me to do the worldly thing. BUT I WANT TO DO THE GODLY THING, SO LEAVE ME ALONE!

In a silly analogy I shared with God after one of my prayer sessions this morning, I told him, “I feel like a bank teller, I know all the information and I see all the big money come past me, in and out, all day long. I hold the best information, but I am still only paid minimum wage and I cannot share the intell with anybody but my Boss.” It is just not fair, but who told us life would be fair? Surely, it wasn’t the guy who said “in this life you will have trouble.”

I will not allow my joy to be taken away today, I know I am doing my best as a supportive wife and stepmom. I will continue to pray for the ability to forgive today, it is very important, we are to be friends to our enemies and that is only complete with forgiveness. If you get a moment to pray for me today, it would be greatly appreciated and you let me know what I can pray for you!

With LOVE!

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Sep 172010

I may have a control issue when it comes to grocery shopping, I think bringing the girls to the grocery store RIGHT before we go out of town might not be the best idea in my couponing mind. Although I have many Twizzler and beef jerkey coupons, I just don’t want to spend the cash on them today when I know we will want Dippin’ Dots in tomorrow’s beating sun. Right?

Here is my Randall’s run this morning:

4 Capri Sun @ $0.99/each = $3.96

4 Pop Secret popcorn @ $1.99/each = $7.96 – $4.00 In Ad coupon – $1.00/1 – $0.50/1 = $1.96 or $0.49/each

1 Prego @ $1.89 – $0.64 In Ad coupon = $1.25

4 Lean Cuisine @ $2.99/each = $11.96 – 2 B1G1 (took $3.89 instead of $2.99) – $3.00/2 = $1.18 or $0.29/each

2 Ball Park hot dogs @ $0.99/each = 1.98 – $0.75 eCoupon = $1.23 or $0.61/each + FREE Sara Lee buns

Nutter Butter $2.99 – $1.00/1 = $1.99

Grapes $.99/lb

Total Spent $12.43

Total Saved $47.18 or 79%

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Sep 172010

Last week was worse then the one before, I didn’t even get a single coupon in the mail! All bills, no fun.

This week though,  this week was pretty exciting! 

  • 100+ coupons from HCW trains
  • Free SoBe coupon
  • ChooseYou American Cancer Society pin
  • Kikkoman Reusable shopping bag
  • OK! Weekly magazine
  • Woman’s Day magazine
  • Marie Claire magazine
  • Hefty garbage bags – survey
  • Pampers Cruiser sample

Did you get any goodies this week?

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