Aug 252010

Then I stopped to take a break.

Do you understand how hot it is at 6:30am on a Wednesday in August in NW Houston? Today the weatherman said, “It’ll be in the upper 90′s, but the humidity is slowly decreasing, good news!” Are you kidding me? With hair like this, humidity needs to be 0%, even WITH a hat on.

So, I went for my daily 3 loop jog to increase my endurance, mostly. I figure I’ll keep long runs for Sunday’s and cross train on Thursday’s; hello PiYoLet, I’ve missed you. But today, in 1.1 miles I had to take a walk, WHAT?!, who walks on a 1.1 mile jog? ME! It was so hot, ugh. I will be getting better, only 11 more weeks to beat the heat.

Slowly but surely.

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