Aug 272010

I get a lot of freebies in the mail. Everyday is like Christmas because I never know what jewels will be waiting for me in the box. Here are this weeks lucky winners:

  • Cheetos Zingers Sample + Coupon
  • Free Business Cards – VistaPrint
  • Vaseline Total Moisture - Survey
  • Parent’s Choice infant formula – The answer is No
  • Frizz Ease Sample
  • Emergen-C Samples + Coupon
  • Natures Bounty Gummy Samples + Coupon
  • C got a free pen – VistaPrint

I am pretty sure I left some things out, but I’ll make a better effort next week of storing them for the world to see on Friday.

Happy Weekend!

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  2 Responses to “Frees Friday”


    man, I so need to get back on the freebie train!!! I miss getting a mailbox full of goodies!


    Ok you have to teach me your secrets and how to do this… Paul said so!

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