Aug 232010

Today, I started my 12 week training, 1 day late, for the Rock N Roll San Antonio Marathon.

Don’t get too excited, I am only running the 1/2 (again) this year. I got suckered into it this year, like I (#14735) suckered my Friend (#14732) into it last year to do it with me. What a bunch of fools. LAUGH OUT LOUD! Let me remind you how excited we were last year:

This year there is a new course AND a RELAY! How exciting is that mess?

Well, hopefully it’ll be a little bit cooler this year for the big guy, I beat him last year, but their are no guarantees this year because you never know what Mother will do.

DH and Friend DW have made plans to run the relay, Friend and I will believe it when we see it (they slept in last year, sorry dogs), but we both noticed some pretty sweet signs last year like the one below:

Oh how we love the support of our families!

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