Aug 292010

This weekend was real fun, for the most part. I went for a nice jog, did yard work with my husband, went shopping, saw my muffin and much much more. Lets just consider these random tidbits of the two days God gave us.

Random #1 – I went for a jog. I woke up at 6am (on a SATURDAY!) and could not get back to sleep. I contemplated getting up and going for a run, setting out the water and blah blah blah, but I did not and tried to force myself asleep. It tried for a few but then I got to the point where I was thinking “God, I just want to sleep for another hour, then I will get up.” So my husband rolls over and somehow gets his pillow in just the right position to come up and BOP me in the schnoz, “GOD, OK FINE I’LL GET UP! You don’t have to be so violent.” So I got up and started my day with a 3 mile joggeroo.

Random #2 – Yard Worked! I mow. Brent edges and weed-eats. We are a great team in the yard work area for sure; we were done in 30 minutes MAX. We moved into our house two years ago July and had ding dang crepe myrtles cut down two years ago September from in front of our house. We still have a stump from one of the crepe myrtles plaguing the right side of our garage, well I decided I had had enough and SheWomaned the stump out of the ground (most of it at least). The roots were all through some bricks and the grass, good thing I ended up mulching a lot of dirt in the process, the grass  around the stump is going to need it to grow back now. So I ran 3 miles after getting God smacked in the face by a pillow and now I just SheWomaned a (dead) tree stump out of the ground.

Random #3 – We went to see Japanese Acrobats at Miller Outdoor Theater with my brother- and sister-in-law and my muffin. It was SO much fun! These kids were so talanted and bendable, I most enjoyed watching them come out in these giant hula hoop contraptions and spin around the stage like nobody’s business. I got to hold and feed and play with my little muffin too. She is adorable and loves her Auntie and Uncle, we know how to make her smile, and put her to sleep. My brother-in-law says she is lovey with us because she is trying to sucker us into having her a cousin to play with. I see. Getting out of the zoo parking lot after this fantastic show was a nightmare! If you went left you just waited in a long line to get out onto main and go left. If you went right you waited in a long line for an hour to go right on Main and fight the Houston Texan’s traffic just leaving at the SAME time. Oh no, BIL, SIL and muffin went right. They didn’t get home until 12:30am, when we were just leaving GingerMan.

Random #4 - GingerMan - This place is so cool because they have beers from around the world coming out of taps all down the left side of the bar. Also, it is really cool because really suave Rice U students go there and talk about great ideas that we just don’t hear very often. So we gathered our worldly beverage and headed to the back porch to converse and eavesdrop. We saw one girl take her guy up and try to dance with him and do some swirly-girly moves, I told Brent, “This is not going to end well and one of these goobs is going to fall in our lap.” Luckily, they stopped and dizzily sat with their group, no casualties, thank goodness! That is, until we got to our car to go home. Dead… Battery… so here we are, parked at Talbot’s looking for somebody who isn’t two sheets and can give us a little hand. One nice gentleman on a Honda motorcycle came up and asked if we were OK, that was nice of him, even though he could not jump us with the small engine of a bike. About 10 minutes later another guy comes up and pulls his Camry up on the curb just to get the cables to reach to give us a jump, you are the bomb diggity man! Off to bed we go at 1am!

Random #5 – Sunday is a day of rest and football – I wake up at 6am… again… I told Brent when we got home I had planned on running this morning even though we got home so late. Not happening, SO tired! I slept until 7 am and made biscuit breakfast, watered the grass and cut, sort and filed my coups. Went to the church house to listen to lovely Lance, he is SUCH a great teacher and speaker, his enthusiasm for sharing God’s word is unmatched in my book. Made lunch with my babe husband, got a new FREE battery for my car, went to my grandma’s to drop off some goods for my cousin, and went to the grocery store (saved 59%). Brent had fantasy football draft at the house tonight, 5 guys, football, spaghetti, snacks and drinks, I don’t remember the last time the house was SO quite with so many guys in attendance. They even shushed me once when I was watching America’s Funniest Video’s, the audacity! Such an easy day that God has given us to be with friends and family and enjoy their company.

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Aug 272010

I get a lot of freebies in the mail. Everyday is like Christmas because I never know what jewels will be waiting for me in the box. Here are this weeks lucky winners:

  • Cheetos Zingers Sample + Coupon
  • Free Business Cards – VistaPrint
  • Vaseline Total Moisture - Survey
  • Parent’s Choice infant formula – The answer is No
  • Frizz Ease Sample
  • Emergen-C Samples + Coupon
  • Natures Bounty Gummy Samples + Coupon
  • C got a free pen – VistaPrint

I am pretty sure I left some things out, but I’ll make a better effort next week of storing them for the world to see on Friday.

Happy Weekend!

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Aug 252010

I just have to brag a little.

We are planning C’s second OU football game right now, it takes a lot of frugal skills to pull this off. 

Last year, I got us 2nd row Sooner end zone seats for $90 each. WHAT! She got to be right in the action, the Schooner and the canon came out right next to us; this type of first experience on $90 is unheard of, but I managed. :) It is for the educational and spiritual development of our child here.

I just signed in to FB and what do I see during my research, my sweet girl’s face on The University of Oklahoma’s FB page. Oh, I have one big ‘ol kiss waiting for you. That’s right, after her Daddy’s and my own heart.

Boomer Sooner!

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Aug 252010

Then I stopped to take a break.

Do you understand how hot it is at 6:30am on a Wednesday in August in NW Houston? Today the weatherman said, “It’ll be in the upper 90′s, but the humidity is slowly decreasing, good news!” Are you kidding me? With hair like this, humidity needs to be 0%, even WITH a hat on.

So, I went for my daily 3 loop jog to increase my endurance, mostly. I figure I’ll keep long runs for Sunday’s and cross train on Thursday’s; hello PiYoLet, I’ve missed you. But today, in 1.1 miles I had to take a walk, WHAT?!, who walks on a 1.1 mile jog? ME! It was so hot, ugh. I will be getting better, only 11 more weeks to beat the heat.

Slowly but surely.

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Aug 242010

We have a ferocious guard dog on duty, don’t mess with her, she is too tough. We adopted her from Lucky Leash Rescue in 2009, she was listed as a “doberman” mix which set me off because dobes can run with the best of them, are very good protectors and have a great ability to learn.

So, I went to pick up some clothes from DD’s bedroom and this is what I am greeted with:

Do you see that?! Cuddled up waiting for sweet C to return. But, she had finished “protecting” me from the scary garbage collectors about 30 minutes earlier, THANK goodness!

Here is her on another testy day:

I think they are in cahoots together, if C’s not in there than nobody is in there. Silly.

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Aug 232010

Today, I started my 12 week training, 1 day late, for the Rock N Roll San Antonio Marathon.

Don’t get too excited, I am only running the 1/2 (again) this year. I got suckered into it this year, like I (#14735) suckered my Friend (#14732) into it last year to do it with me. What a bunch of fools. LAUGH OUT LOUD! Let me remind you how excited we were last year:

This year there is a new course AND a RELAY! How exciting is that mess?

Well, hopefully it’ll be a little bit cooler this year for the big guy, I beat him last year, but their are no guarantees this year because you never know what Mother will do.

DH and Friend DW have made plans to run the relay, Friend and I will believe it when we see it (they slept in last year, sorry dogs), but we both noticed some pretty sweet signs last year like the one below:

Oh how we love the support of our families!

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Aug 232010

Today is my sweet sweet girl’s first day of 6th grade!

We only knew her homeroom teacher going into this morning, I hope she comes home with a great report on how happy she is with her new friends and new beginnings.

She is really excited about playing the saxophone this year. We are praying for a fantastic year!

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Aug 212010

My baby brother just set me up with a sweet new blog! YAY!

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