Jul 152010

From one frugal person to another I thought it would be very beneficial to make a public service announcement.

TARGET IS HAVING THEIR ANNUAL “GET THE OLD TOYS OUT OF HERE” CLEARANCE on the LAST Thursday of July in which a boat load of toys will be marked up to 80% off. Think birthdays, Christmas and summer holiday fun, and not limited to your own child.

I have already been cruising the aisles to make sure they are starting to mark things 30%, this usually means they will continue to mark down to 50% next week and 75% the next.

My sweet baby girl is not too into toys anymore, so I’m on the hunt for cool board games she can play with her friends when she is here.

You let me know if you are on the look out for any toy and I will see if I can grapple it with my loving little fingers.

I WILL BE THERE 8AM ON THE DOT JULY 29TH. If I could get a special pass to join the 5am stock crew, I most definately would!

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